(Lisa P.O.V)

Leaving the Hospital


Freee at last , finally out of the hospital after four weeks.

I had to wear a cast for my wrist and my chest cast was gone my ribs made a fast recovery.

I was happs as hell when they told me I was being released.

My room was guarded by gaurds the whole time I was here like I was famous or something due to the case I was beaten and shit.

"This cast itching! "I said trying to scratch inside of it.

It was my release day and a girl was on a rush to get out.

"Scratch it then." Enrique said.

"It's not that simple boy." I said annoyed.

I took a fork and stuck it in the little opening of the cast and started scratching like a junkie.

Enrique laughed then shook his head.

"Come on we gotta go get your shit the hospital ain't gon' let you stay her all day." He said holding the door open.

"Your such a perfect boyfriend, my arms broken and you want me to carry my shit." I said sarcastically.

He suck his teeth and grabbed my stuff for me and I smiled at him.

My mom was on bed rest so she was unable to come and pick me up, she was like 5months by now.

I Still had to limp because my foot still hurt like shit but I ain't tell no one Because I wanted to leave that fucking place.

I walked behind Enrique trying to walk normally it seemed like I was doing that stank walk them girls that think they bad do.

"Ugh fuck." I said stopping and rubbing my leg.

"What happen? "Enrique asked turning around.

"Oh nothin thought I stepped in gum." I said.

"Really,?" He said sensing the lie in my Voice.

"Um yeah..." I said giving a crooked smile.

"You want a piggy back ride? " He asked.

"Yeah." I said, and ge leaned down to let me jump on his back.

I giggled and kissed his neck like I always do.

This boy is awesome!

"You know you can trust me right?! " Enrique asked.

"Yeah, why you said that for doe."

"Why you couldn't tell me your leg hurt." He said walking to the hospital exit.

I bit my lip.

"Um I didn't want to stay here any longer and you, my mom, Kyle and Kimberly would push me to stay longer until I got better. This place is freaking Dull I wanna go home and back to school."

"We just want you to be better stop tripping and I'm here every day with you, you saying I'm dull? " He joked.

"No of course not babe but once you leave I have no hunky nurse boyfriend to help me get better." I said kissing his cheek.

He laughed. Then open a car door and there was Kyle and Kim..

Those my babes!!! .err

I jumped on Kim and Kyle ! Not really Giving two shit my bout my injuries.

"You gon' hurt yourself!" Kim said.

"I'll live it won't hurt as much as the pain i'd been though."

Kyle shook his head and threw me off him.

"I so feel the love." I said sarcastically.

" I love you lis but you was hurting a niggah dick."Kyle said rubbing himself.

I laughed and Just notice Enrique was driving.

"Where we going?" I said fixing myself between Kyle and Kimberly.

"My house my Dad wants to meet you."

I nearly choked on dry spit.

"Wait what? No I look a mess do you not see this cast and look at my hair !" I screeched.

"You look fine stop trippin and your hair always looks like that stop playing." He said turning a corner.

"What ! So you saying my hair always looks like shit." I snapped.

"Bitch please, you look fine don't start no shit cause you don't wanna go."Kyle said hitting me in the back of my head.

"Yo I'm injured here why you hitting me?" I said raising my cast.

Kyle and Kim laughed.

"You was good a few seconds ago !" Kim laughed.

"You post to be my twin Kim and be on my side you betrayer!" I pouted and she laughed more.

"Well my mom and dad both want to meet you so, you want to get ready at your house our Kyle's" Enrique asked.

"I thought you said I look fine?"

"You look great, but I see you sweating it so just made sure I asked."

"Kyle's house then" I smiled.

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