" Oh my gosh, I can't do this this is like having stage fright but I never have stage fright ahh I can't do this. "I said walking back and forth in Kyle's room.

"Man up it's Simple, your just introducing your self to his parents how hard is that." Kyle said.

"It is important and you can never take away a first impression those things last forever, the parents you have to worry about are the African ones, the Jamaican ones, and the Haitian ones I swear those are the most strictest parents to me and they always seem to judge at first glance."Kimberly said laying flat on her stomach and feet prompted up on Kyle's bed.

"Aww great Enrique's dad is Jamaican full blood at that and his mom is some type of Chinese Nigerian." I said slapping my palm across my face.

This shit was making me nervous, I know I put on a brave front in the car and all but I was scared as shit.

I was meeting Enrique's parents for God sakes.

I don't even know how these shits go down, like what am I supposed to do when I meet them. Say hi of course then what talk about my fucked up life or how my arm got messed up which both stories I really don't want to tell. Like Enrique is my first boyfriend this is really all new to me.

I sighed as I fiddled with the cast on my arm.

"Kimberly how did you meet Jahmaury's mom? Like was it easy did you have to all this crap and dress nice." I asked.

"Naw I met Jah's mom on the plane when I was coming here and it so happened that her son Jah's little Brother would only fall asleep on me so she let him and that's how we met and she loved me from that day forth cause I'm awesome like that. "Kim said dusting her shoulder off.

I laughed and shook my head.

"Lucky shit." I mumbled.

I looked at Kyle's full length mirror and analyzed my appearance.

I had put my hair in a tight high pony tail with my ends curly. I didn't feel to put make up on but Kim said eye liner never hurt so I put eye liner on and that's all the make up I had on, my face had gone back to normal so no need for all the unnecessary stuff on my face.

I didn't want to wear a Dress because I felt I was trying to hard if I did and I couldn't wear heels because my messed up leg.

So I wore white jeans, a white V neck, brown belt and some brown shoes that matched my belt and My brown leather jacket.

I felt cute and raw but to me I looked like I was going somewhere with my friends.

"You look cute! " Kim squealed as she saw me twist around in the mirror.

"My ass looks huge." I said cupping my ass in my hands looking back at it in the mirror.

"Duh your ass always looks huge."Kyle said and I smacked his head.

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