Chapter 26 


She's awake !

I awoke in a Hospital bed , my eyes burning from the light.

How long have I been here?

My wrist were bandage and one of my arm were in a cast.

There was this tube down my throat and I started pulling it out once I got it out there was this annoying ringing sound and two nurses and a doctor came rushing in.

"She's awake." one of the nurses said.

The other walked to this machine and turned off the ringing.

Then the two nurses left the room and left me with the doctor.

I tried to sit up , but there was a pain in my ribs hurting me.

"Woah just lay back and relax Lisa , you were in a coma for nearly Two weeks. You had a broken rib and your body is no longer as bruised as it was your face is no longer swollen just a few cuts here and there.So just lay down you have had a major surgery and you need to heal." She said coming next to me.

"Oh okay." I say laying back down.

"Where is my mom and my friends I swear I heard them talking to me a few days ago."

"Your mother is getting food , the two boys had to go school and the young lady said she needed a shower but she'll be back." The doc said smiling at me.

"You're really lucky to be alive , you died but we revived you." She said and I just nodded my head.

I was too tired to say anything or ask about how I died.

I just nodded while she talked.

" I'll be giving you this shot for the pain." She said taking out this huge needle.

Hell No that thing was huge !

" I'm not taking that what the fuck that's big do you have a smaller one." I said finding energy in my body.

"No it's either this or take the pain." she Asked.

I thought about it for a moment I didn't like pain.

"Alright." I said shrinking into the bed.

She took my arm and stuck me with the needle. It was a little pinch but it still hurt.

"Well just get some rest now." She said after disposing of the needle.

"Yeah okay thanks." I said and she left the room.


I sat in drama just full of anger. No one would come toward me because of how mad I was.

That niggah Leon had me fuming.

How you gon beat up your daughter and then Vanish in thin air.

He better stay in hiding cause when I find him that niggah is Dead.

School ended and me and Kyle Left to the hospital.

We got there the same time as Kimberly and she was just mad happy.

"She's awake." Kim said smiling.

"How you know you just came ?" Kyle asked.

"I gave her mom my number just in case she wake up and she called me and told me she's awake." She smiled.

"oh alright." I said and we walked into the Hospital and up to her floor.

We walked into her room and she was wide awake moving her fork around in the crappy Hospital food.

"Lisa" we all yelled at the same time running to be by her.

We was all glad to see this girl awake after almost two weeks.

I just kissed her & she chuckled.

"I missed you too Enrique." She said.

"Actually I missed all you ducks." She said laughing.




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