After Kyle feed me we went to play video games this is why I love Kyle he always knows how to cheer me up in his own little way. I don't love Kyle in that girlfriend boyfriend way if that's what your think naw he is just my bestfriend.Me and Kyle met when I was 13 that's when the thing with my father started happening,we had just begin our freshman year in high school and Kyle was the new kid he has this unique way of dressing so really most Boys didn't want to chill with him and all the girls were all up on him.


'Class this is Kyle Love he is a New student so make him feel welcomed he just moved here from Miami so he must not no how it feel to live in the city yet so make him feel at home.'Mrs Smith our drama teacher said introducing him to the class.

All the boys sucked their teeth and all the girls looked at him in amazement. I am not going to lie to you Kyle is effing gorgeous nice hazel eyes medium built dark skinned curly hair and to top that he had braces.Some boys do not look good in Braces but Kyle he looked extra fine in his.

'Who would be nice enough to let Kyle sit next to them.'Mrs Smith said gazing around the room at all the empty seat.

Everyboy that had an empty seat next to them either put there notebooks or book bag on the chair and even put thier legs up.I rolled my eyes at their stupidness like really is it that serious.All the girl in my class raise their hands yelling'me me me' like little kids ,I just sunk into my  not really giving a damn where he sit as long as it wasn't next to me ,but I doubt he wanna sit next to me anyways let alone talk to me.Basically I am a Loner or whatever you want to call it I don't talk to anyone if your not in the drama club, is teamed up with me in a project or if your my teacher and that's about it.

'Ah right there next to Lisa I don't think she will mind will you Lisa?'Mrs Smith said pointing to the empty chair me.

I rolled my eyes inwardly and  picked up my bag that was on the chair next to me and place it on my lap.Mrs.Smith knows I hate people next to me.

'No I won't mind.'

'Good sit there Kyle.'

He adjusted his side bag and went to take his seat next to me.

'Wassup.'He said smiling at me once he took his seat next to me.

I looked at him then behind me to check if he was actually talking to me and he chuckled.

'I'm talking to you.'he said smiling showing his green and blue braces.

'Oh hey.'I said giving him an awkward smile.

'I'm kyle.' he said giving me his hand to shake.

'I kinda figure that since there is no other new kid in this class beside you.'

'Damn just tryna be nice  and you gotta act all stank.'He said placing his hand back on his lap and started paying attention to the lesson.

'So today were going to talk about  gay lesbian bi whatever you  kids call.'Mrs Smith said talking the marker and writing on the board.

From the corner of my eyes I could see Kyle sink into his seat and roll his eyes and I had to laugh I have No idea why boys get so uncomfortable when you talk about gays or being around them like really they are just the same people but like the same sex.

Junior one of the school jocks raise his hand the only reason he was in this class was because it was easy and his girlfriend had the same class.

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