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Lisa P.o.v


Alone at last.

I ran out the Pool house dripping wet , I close the door behind me laughing.

I got stares from Enrique's cousin mostly from the boys the girls screwed me.

I ran in to the house and locked the door behind me , laughing my ass off but once I seen Enrique's mum I stopped.

"Excuse me dear why are you so wet?" She asked.

"I'm so sorry their chasing me and I was in the pool didn't really get time to dry off need to hide."

She laughed once the banging started on the back door.

"Go around around man go !" I heard someone yell and started to panic.

"Okay go hide ! But don't wet up my house please," she begged laughing a little.

I gave her a quick hug and ran through the living room trying not to be seen but to run fast enough not to get caught. I ran up the stairs and into Enrique's room because I left my spare clothes in there. I could hear the front door open and I laughed and hid in Enrique's walk in closet behind his stack of Jordans boxes. I manage to grab his towel off of his door and wrap myself with.

Wait did I leave foot prints?

Aw shit I must have with all this water dripping from my hair.

I laughed then heard his room door closed and stopped.

Oh shit oh shit , my heart was beating a mile a minute

I closed my eyes and waited for my impending doom , I waited but couldn't hear shit I open my eyes and Enrique was standing in front of me. I screamed real loud because this niggah scared the shit out of me , he covered my mouth and started laughing.

He pulled me up and we walked out the closet and he sat on his bed and pulled me on to his lap.

"Finally we're all alone at last,"he chuckled into my eat.

"How did you find me."

"Took a wild guess and I didn't see my towel on my door where I always leave it ," he chuckled kissing my cheek.

"You dork."

"I'm a what ?" He asked pushing me on the bed and climbing over me.

"You heard me dork don't act dumb," I laughed and he pushed himself on top of me and bit on one of my breast.

"Ennnnrrriiiiiiqqqqqqquuuuee," I screamed and he started laughing.

"Whose the dork now?"

"Still you !" I laughed and bit his chest and slapped it.

"Aw that cold babe , so I'm your dork then?"He asked laying all his weight on me.

"Did you plan on being someone else dork ?"

"Naw , I'm all yours bae."

I grabbed his face and kissed his sweet soft pink lips.

"That's good keep it that way," I laughed breaking the kiss.

He smiled spreading my legs and moving in between them. He looked at my stomach and licked a straight line up to my breast then laid his head on my stomach.

"You weird child ," I laughed.

He just stayed silent wrapping his arms around me still laying on my belly.

I smiled and started playing in his dreads.

Where did this boy come from he was so perfect in everyway. Who would have thought we would be together by the circumstances of how we met? Him saving me from getting raped by his friends and now we go out and I'm friends with the friends that tried to rape me ha ! If it was some other girl they probably would have sued them or ran once Enrique offered to walk them home. I'm actually thankful I met him , it's like since I meet him thing turned around for the better and he makes me smile everyday that I get to see him. It's crazy because we've been with each other for seven months now and he's never pressured me for sex , and when he found out my situation he still stayed with me. He even saved me from Leon. He's perfect beyond belief sometimes I think he's fake and someone is toying with me but once he lays one of those sweet kisses on me I know he's real for sure.

I heard his light snoring , he must have fallen asleep while I was playing in his hair. His dreads we're long man and a light brown color , he needed to do something with it . Not cut it doe I over love his dreads they enhance his sexy.

I ran my hand through them and scratched his scalp lightly and he let out a little moan an I giggled.He was too cute.

I soon got tired and feel asleep with one hand in his hair and the other on his neck....

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