Me and Kyle were chilling with with Enrique and his boys after like two weeks we all started getting along and shit and I forgave them for that night.We were in Enrique backyard chilling and talking bout the most random-est shit ever I was sitting on Kyle's lap.

'I walked into the bathroom and there was blood on the toilet  not a lot just droplets then I went in the shower and motherfucking blood on the floor like allot like what the fuck is going on in my house Today.'Enrique yelled he was pissed.

Me and and Kyle busted out laughing.

'I'm guessing someone in your house is on their period.'I said and all the boys scrunched up they face.

'The fuck is that?'He asked.

I rolled my eyes.

'When a girl bleeds for Once a month for like 5-7 days.'I replied rolling my eyes.

'I know what it is but who the hell in my House has it?'He asked.

He made it sound like a diease I had to laugh.

Enrique has one brother and two sisters,Carmello who is17 a year younger then him I think, who I never really got to meet,Madison and Cynthia who is 3 I think,didn't get to see her either she is always out with his parents who are hardly ever home whenever I decided to come to his house.

'Um probabily Madison she is the only one to have it Cynthia is to young.'I answered.

'Nasty Tramp.'Kyle said only loud enough so I could hear.

'I would never fucck a hoe who has her period  raw or with a condom that just Nasty!'Dot one of the boys commented and most of the boys nodded their head in agreement.

I really didn't want to hear this shit.

'What if you wanted a baby by her?'Simoe asked.I come to notice he is the perverted one always staring at me and stuff.

I looked at Kyle and he looked totally disgusted.

I tried to hold my laugh in his face was to funny.

Enrique was staring at me with an eye brow raised and I smiled at him.I couldn't help it his dimples made you want to smile.

'I'm hungry.'I said as my stomach grumbled.

'Go cook something then.'Enrique said.

'Make me something too.'Kyle added.

'Me too.'Rickey said then every started telling me to make them something.

I got off Kyle and was about to jump off the wall to go make something.

'Where you going you can go use my kitchen so I know you coming back.'Enrique smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes and walked into his house I haven't really been inside his house after the party but like it was so freaking big and the couches and vases and stuff were put back to there regular places.Pictures hanging on the wall that I didn't notice before it was a picture of 6 people. I am guessing it was when they where younger because Enrique looked so cute with braces and another little boy next to him that looked a little like him with a girl with a big bow in her hair I guess was Madison when she was innocent and a baby in his fathers arms.His parents are freaking gorgeous his mom had long straight hair with piercing deep hazel eyes and you could tell she still had a nice body after 4 kid and his dad was handsome instead of dreads doe he had nice deep waves.I stopped looking at the pictures and walked into their nice big kitchen.

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