I sat between Carmello and Enrique and  Kimberly sat in between Kyle and Jahmaury across from me.

I felt like a boss with them two sexy twins next to me I got confused every other second on who was who and carmello would just laugh at me.

''Where the hell are we going?''Jah asked his name was to long so I shorten it.

''I have no clue.''I laughed.

''Then why did we jump on this bus?''Kimberly asked laughing.

''Spar of the moment type of shit.''Kyle said.

Enrique pressed the stop button and we all got off.

''Okay why the fuck did we get off now couldn't we have waited til we was in an area we know?''Mello asked. LoL his name was to long too.

''I sorta know this area.''Kyle said.

''Where we at then?''Kim asked.

''Were in the Bronx if I am correct there should be a Church like around the corner.''Kyle said leading the way.

I held on to Enrique arm.

''That's crazy I'm your boyfriend and you gonna hold on my brothers arm.''Enrique laughed.

I looked up to see That I wasn't holding Enrique it was Mello.

Mello just laughed

''It's not my fault ya look the same.''I said in my defence.

''We not even wearing the same thing doe.''Mello laughed.

I let Mello go and held Enrique's hand and Kim laughed.

''Don't worry Lisa I am still trying to tell the difference too they look to much alike.''Kim said laughing.

''I think that's what identical means duh.''Mello and Enrique said at the same time.

I hit Enrique in the arm and Kim hit Mello in the arm for them trying to act smart.

Kyle laughed and so did Jah.

We turn the corner and there was a big church.

''So where the hell do we go now?''Jah said.

''I think we gotta take the train to Manhattan then yeah we can get home from there.''Kyle said.

''So where is the nearest subway then?''Mello asked.

''Like two blocks away.''

'What! But I am tired.''I said.

''Right ugh!''Kim said.

''My head feel dizzy I can't walk no more.''I said putting my acting to work.

Kyle just shook his head.

''Carry me baby.''I said to Enrique.

He laughed but picked me up and put me on his back.

''Baby.''Kim said batting her lashes and Jah chuckled and put her on his back.

They walked to the subway and we waited for the subway.There was alot of girls with short dresses  in a group looking our way licking their lips and I rolled my eyes at them.

I rested my head in between Enrique neck and started kissing it  and sucking on one spot.

''Lisa stop come on.''He said in a whisper but I continued.

''You making the man in my pants grow.''He said and I laughed.

''Imma get  you back don't worry.''He said kissing my cheek.

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