[Lisa P.o.v]




It was two days after graduation and it was crazy how paranoid I was. I kept looking out my window and made sure the windows and doors were locked.

I was tired of being scared of Leon but as for now the only thing I could really do is this.

I heard Xion crying and walked over to his room and picked him out his cot and started rocking him. I checked his pamper and he left a nice present.

I took his diaper off and cleaned him up but his clean pampers were on the other side of the room. I rolled my eyes and retrieved one.

"Please don't pee please don't pee."

The way his Willy went stiff and he pee'd all over my shirt and I screamed.

"Xion you little cunt,"I yelled.

He blinked at me innocently , I rolled my eyes at the little devil and hurriedly put on his diaper before he pee'd on me again.

I swear I'm more of a mother to them then my own mum is , there two weeks old and they have seen my face more then my mums. I sighed once Liam started to cry as well.

I put Xion back in his cot and place the dummy in his mouth , I took Liam out his cot and his eyes were open wide as he screamed. He's the greedy one , I made him a bottle and fed it to him which he gladly excepted in to his mouth.

I guess Xion's dummy fell out his mouth cause he started crying and I really couldn't get to him cause I was feeding Liam.

I feel for Single mothers that have twins and have no one to help them this shit is difficult.

"Mum I beg you come get Xion he's hungry," I yelled.

After what seen like thirty minutes she came into the room looking pissed off. I had just finished feeding Liam so I burped and changed him then he soon fell back to sleep and I placed him back in,his cot.

"Why you look pissed for?" I asked and she looked at me and rolled her eyes.

What's her problem Sheesh!

She yawned rocking Xion, but he wouldn't stop crying.

"He's hungry," I made a bottle and handed it to her and she sighed loudly.

"Do you want me to feed him and let you get some rest?" I asked.

Not that she needed rest she is home 24/7 cause she's on maternity leave and I take care of the twins mostly.

"Oh please and thank you," she answered smiling at me handing him over to me along with the bottle.

"Yeah , but you have to watch them later I'm heading over to Enrique's house his mom is throwing a BBQ."

"Alright ," she replied leaving the room to do whatever.

I put the bottle in Xion's mouth and kissed his forehead. When he was all done with it , I burped him and the little nasty boy left me another gift.

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