Cry For help.

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''Damn look at her she sexy fam.'One of the boys that was holding me said.

'You should know better to walk home at night.'The other one said.

'Let Me Go !'I yelled making one of them cover my mouth to keep me from yelling again.

There was like five of them in total so one defenseless girl against five muscular nigga's I don't think so.One of them started to feel up on my breast rubbing and squezzing at my nipple from under my top.

'STOP!'I yelled more tears escaping from my eyes as they watched and laughed.

'You look so cute when you struggle.'Another one of them said.

When they were about to remove my jeans a boy rushed threw the crowd and pushed the boys that where on me off of me.I pulled my shirt down and backed up.

'Damn I leave ya nigga's for a sec and ya try to go rape a defenseless girl it doesn't even matter that ya  drunk that shit still wrong as fuck.'The boy yelled.

'Are you okay?'He said directing his question to me extending his hand out to help me up.

I ignored his hand and got up and dusted myself off and started walking away from them towards my house.

'Oh my fucking god you guys have a serious problem.'I heard him yell that follow up with some heavy footsteps behind me.

'I'm so so so sorry about what they almost did to you.'He said in a deep concerned voice.'Are you okay?'

'Do I look okay? I was almost raped what girl is okay after that?'I said finally stopping to answer him.

'Damn........Did they do that to you.'He said picking up my arm and rolling up the rest of my sleeve to reveal my bruises.

I yanked my arm from his hand not only because he was touching me but because a smal shock of sensation ran threw my body.What the fuck was that.

'It's not safe out herelet me walk you home.'He said I could tell that he was feeling sorry for me I guess he thought his friends did this.

I sucked my teeth and resumed walking home.

'My names Enrique.'He said walking along side me.

I still don't understand why he was still walking with me let alone talking to me it was kind of awkward for me. It wasn't like he wasn't cute because he was actually he was fine real fine.He had neat dreads tied back with a rubber band light green eyes he was the same complexion as me a light brown and about 6'3.See he was fine but since those were his friends it made this awkward.

'What's your name.'Hesaid after a while of silence looking at me.

I contemplated on answering him and decided he did help me miht as well let my savor no my name.

'Lisa.'I said as I continued to walk with  him keeping up with me.

'Damn it's crazy we have to meet in such a weird case...You are so sexy.'He said smiling at me.

Wow first time someone has really complemented me.I could feel the heat rush up to cheek.Next thing you know we are infront of my house.

'This might sound weird or whatever he assked but can I have your number?'He asked giving me a cute smile.

'I don't have a phone.' I said smiply.He looked at me awkwardly I could tell he was thinking what teenager doesn't have a phone but really it ain't my fault my mom doesn't want me to have a job and she doesn't want to buy me a phone.

'Oh damn.What about House phone number?'

'Yeah but how about you give me your numeber.'

'How do I know your going to call me?'He laughed.

'I am because you know where I live.'I said smiling at him in which he returned.His smile is so cute he had very deep dimples.He handed me a piece a paper with his number on it.I smiled at him and waved goodbye as I went inside.

My mom or my dad wasn't home so I was safe I took a quick shower and went to get something to eat I took some chips from the counter and ate it when I was done I threw it away made sure my front door was lock and walked up to my room and went to sleep.

I woke up cause I heard a sound my room door was open.Damn I was slipping I got up and looked in the hallway no one was there so I closed my room door and locked it.When I turned around I froze.I swear the devil was on my bed and he didn't look to happy.I tried to hurry up and unlock my door but he ran to me faster then I could unlock it.He pinned my hands above my head.His breath smelled of alcohol and I guess he had it on his clothes because he was wet.

'Who the fuck is he.'He said with so much venom in his voice.

'Move man what the fuck is you doing get off me.'I yelled.

'Oh so you wanna curse at me huh? you finally growing some balls huh?You wanna go fuck with other nigga's huh?Alright I got you hun.'He said slaming me on the floor then kicking me in the ribs.

'Aughhh.'I yelled in pain.'Man what the fuck are you talking about!'

'Bitch you know what I'm talking bout bring nigga's infront of my house.'He yelled slapping me right in the face making my head turn.

'Your just fucking drunk.' I said backing up into a corner.

'Oh you think I am drunk naw bitch I saw everything you smiling with that boy I was right across the street watching you that whole time matter of fact I am always across the street watching when you come home from that little sissy's house ew make me sick! But I saw everything you was flirting with him and shit.'He said getting angrier and angrier and walking closer to me.

'You're fucking insane! You're seeing thing!Move man what are you doing?'I yelled pushing him back.

He punched me in my chest making me fall backwards on the floor again.I choose a wrong they to wear a gown.He held me hands above my head and parted my legs with his forcefully.

'I'm ah show you who the boss you can't be going around the place giving people what's mine.'He said forcefully kissing me sticking his nasty tongue in my mouth.I couldn't move or do anything he was on top of me and he is way stronger then me.He pulled at my panties and when he got it off he entered me.Hot tears escaped my eyes oh my gosh I told my self this had to stop sooner or later because I can't take it any more i don't even think i want to live anymore.

When he was done he came on my face then slapped me.That's the only thhing he never does is come in side me I think he doesn't want to take the chances of me getting pregnant and my mom finding out.He picked up his pant then walked out the room.I got up and went to the bathroom to get myself clean up I got in the shower  and turned on the hot water.My body stung from all the bruises and it hurt like hell.I washed my face countless time and my body I felt so dirty like the bottom of some one shoe who has been stepping in dog shit all day.I got out the shower and looked at my self in the mirror what I saw was a girl that use to have pretty hazel eyes were now red and her curly hair was all messed up.Bruises covering her stomach turning into a purple looking color and her arm all red and her face was turning a shade of black from the hit she had taken.Looking at myself in the mirror I felt like crap so I just broke down crying.

I Can't Take This No More!


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