New Arrivals

Chapter - 31

{Lisa P.O.V}

Enrique race through traffic missing cars, he was driving hell of reckless to my house.

Through the whole drive there I was surprised no police had stopped us cause this boy was speeding and I was scared for my life dude.

We stopped in front of my house and I unbuckled my seat belt and jumped out the car saying a quick prayer I made it safely.

"Mum, where are you? "I yelled.

"Ugh it fucking hurts, I'm in the living room on the floor, "she yelled back.

Me and Enrique ran to her aid,,there was bloodie liquid on the floor and I leaped over it.

"Enrique can you carry her? "I asked.

He shrugged, "I can try."

I nodded my head and he bent down to pick her up.

He did it without a struggle, and I ran outside and open the back seat of Enrique's car so he could put her in.

He put her in and we jumped in to the front seats and before I could even put on my seat belt he pulled off from the curve and drove like a mad man.

I was sliding side to side and my mother was screaming in extreme pain.

"Slow down man I'm scared, "I yelled.

"No hurry the fuck up I'm in pain, "my mother yelled and Enrique smirked at me.

He drove faster passing red lights and stop signs making sharp turns.

I heard sirens behind us and sighed, we were only two minutes away from the hospital I could even see it in view.

"Turn Off The Engine, "we heard a male voice from the speakers say.

Enrique rolled his eyes and pulled to the curve and took his key out the engine.

"Oh My Fucking Gosh! " My mother yelled and Enrique laughed.

A white police man walked over to Enrique side of the car and looked inside the car since Enrique's window was down.

"License and registration and are you aware you were speeding? "He questioned.

Was this cop dumb?

Did he not see the pregnant lady in the back about to give birth?

"Lord I will kill you, drive Enrique I am about to have my babies in the back of your car, "Mum said giving the cop evils.

"You heard the pregnant lady, "Enrique said smirking at the cop putting the key in the engine and driving off on the cop.

Shock you know Enrique rude as hell!

He parked in the Emergency spot and opened the back seat and he proceeded to carry her in to the hospital.

"Hey we need help she's in labor, "I yelled and two nurses came to assess us.

One brought a wheel chair and Enrique sat her down and they rolled her somewhere telling us to stay in the waiting room.

"You actually rude you know, "I told him shaking my head.

"You actually like it ulyou know, "he said biting his bottom lip and looking at me.

I will never get tired of his accent Or him. I rolled my eyes at him and laughed.

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