I turned back around real quickly man why did it have to be the same boys.I poked in Kyle in the chest and told him does where the same boys.He looked at me then back at them.

'You want to go inside.'

'Naw I am alright.'

Kyle was no longer in his towel he had went to put shorts on before we came outside so he was just wearing basketball short.We started a ranom conversation about how he should walk me home from now on and how we should go see a movie or something.But then I heard someone calling my name first I thought I was going crazy because I looked side to side and didn't see anyone then started talking to kyle again.


'Oh mt gosh who the hell is calling me.'I said and kyle turned me around and Enrique was looking at me with an eye brow raised.

'Oh gosh he is fine.'Kyle whispered in my ear.

I started laughing I couldn't hold it.Then Enrique walked up to us smiling from ear to ear he was just to cute.He jumped up on the wall and sat next to me.

'Why you ain't call me.'He said.

'You know that is so rude.'I said laughing.

'What's rude?'He said looking at me confused.

'How do you no me and him aren't going out?'I said pointing at Kyle.

'I really didn't give a fuck to tell you the truth.'He replied shrugging his shoulders.'But is he?'

'Lol Naw he my bestfriend Kyle this is Enrique and Enrique this is Kyle.'I said introducing them.

'Wassup.' Kyle said dapping him up.

'Nothing bruh lifes lifes ain't nothing special.'He replied.

'Tell me something Kyle how long have ya been bestfriends?'Enrique asked.

I looked at Enrique with my eye brow raised why was he asking that?

'Um going on five years now.'He answered confused as to why he was being asked this.

 Enrique pinch the bridge of his noise and shaked his head me and Kyle just looked at each other confused.

'Are ya like friends with benifits.'He asked.

'No.'I said breaking out into uncontrolable laughter.

'Then what the hell Kyle how can you be friends with someone so sexy and not be fucking them that's like crazy unless you gay or something?'Enrique said raising his eye brow.

When I say I was blushing I was Blushing mad hard!

'Well I am gay.'Kyle said straight faced.

There was silence for a few second and I just looked around not knowing what to say.

'Well that explains it anyways I'm having a party in about in hour do ya wanna come.'He said changing the subject.He handled that better then I thought he was I thought he was gonna over react like most dudes and curse Kyle out which of course would have started a fight.

'Sure if Lisa goes.'Kyle said then both of them looked at me waiting for an answer.

'I don't know my hairs not done I don't really think my outfit is good en-.'

'Man you look perfect don't sweat it your hair looks good curly and I guarantee you gonna look better then most of the girls there.'He said smiling at me.

'I guess.'

'Great.'He said jumping off the wall.

I jumped off the wall on Kyle side and nearly fell over from the pain of the bruise that was on my stomach which I had some how forgotten about in the last 45 minutes.

'Ugh fuck.'I screamed out in pain and Kyle jumped of the wall to help me,then Enrique jumps back over to our side.

'You okay?'They asked in unison.

'Yeah I am alright just hurt myself a little from the jump.'

'Alright then next time don't go on the wall walk around when you comiing to the party.'Enrique said as he climbed back on the wall.

'That's a long walk naw next time one ya helping me down.'

Kyle and Enrique just laughed.

'Alright then ya two see ya in an hour got to go get ready and set shit up.'He said disapearing over the wall.

I walked with Kyle inside his house.I guess he knew what was hurting me because he went to get another ice pack because the other one had melted.He put it on my stomach and we sat in his room and I had some what drifted off to sleep whille Kyle played video games.

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