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We stood behind my mothers closed door.

''It's going to be easy just tell her get the restraining order and it will be fine.''Kim said patting me on the back.

''I hope it's that easy.''I said,then walked into her room.

My mom was on her bed messing with her thick bushy hair trying to put it into braids.

Her hair was just so bushy I don't understand where I get my curly soft hair from.

When she saw me she stopped messing with it and turned her attention to me.

I messed with my fingers not knowing what to say.

''Um Lisa has something to say.''Kim said pushing me foward.

''Mom I was wondering if you could well... Um get a restraining order on .... um that man I think he following me.''I said rubbing my arm.

''He's  following you?''She asked a little shocked.

I nodded my head.

''Of course we can  get  a restraining order,I don't want him hurting you anymore.''She said getting up and giving me a hug.

''Thank you mom.''

''It's nothing I want you safe.''

''See that wasn't hard.''Kim said smilng at me.

Kim grabbed my hand and we went downstairs where the boys were playing madden.

I sat down next to Enrique, he was in a serious game of football with his brother on his team against Kyle and Jah.

He was so serious it made him more masculine with his jaw clenched and how focus he was just made him look more sexy.

''Why you starring at mi making mi lose focus you nah?''Enrique said as Kyle pause the game to use the bathroom giving me a smirk on his way out.

My best friend is awesome.

''I can't stare at you?''

''How am I going to win the game if a sexy girl like you is staring me down.''Enrique said licking his lips.

I smiled giving him a peck on the lips.

''Now move and leave my partner alone and be a good host and get us some drinks.''Mello said making Enrique chuckle.

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