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Chapter -30

P.o.v Lisa


*A week Later *

"Ew No No stop, " I laughed as Enrique sang and danced around in his boxers, Lord he couldn't sang for shit.

He turned around and started wiggling his but and I died in laughter, its so funny when boys try to booty shake.

I took off my jeans, and was left in my undershorts I can't dance for shit in my jeans. I stood up next to him and started bouncing my ass up and down.

He looked at me in amazement and tried to imitate my action and I rolled on the floor laughing.

He had a little bit of ass so something bounced. Haha!

I tapped his ass and he turned around and growled at me.

Like seriously Growled!!!

"Don't be touching my ass, I don't play that shit, " he said seriously.

I giggled, I moved in front of him and pouting my lips putting my arms around his waist.

"I'm sowwie bae me no do no more kae," I said with a little babe voice, he looked down at me biting his perfectly pink bottom lip smirking, he move down for a kiss and I moved my hands lower to his ass and squeezed with all my might.

I ran out of his room and to Cynthia's room she wasn't in there so I ran back out with him right behind me, if Cynthia was in her room I could have made that little one protect me, she has so much authority over Enrique and Carmello it's funny, she a spoiled one there.

I ran down the stairs almost busting my ass, I could hear Enrique laughing behind me while trying to catch me.

I ran in to the Kitchen seeing Enrique's dad there made me happy, I was somewhat safe now.

I ran behind him, trying to hide behind his muscular frame and he looked down at me confused.

"Shh, Mr.Keith don't say nothing, "I said trying not to laugh.

I heard Enrique's come in and held in a laugh, "Dad where is Lisa?, " he asked breathing heavily.

"Behind me! "He said calmly.

"Hey!" I laughed, "I said don't tell."

Enrique ran over to my side and I hugged Mr.Keith with all my might spinning him around so that he was faced Enrique every time I moved him so that Enrique wouldn't get close to me as I stayed behind Mr.Keith.

I laughed, "Mr.Keith protect me."

"Nope, this you and my son business, "he said laughing too.

What a father in law doe Lmfao!

"I'm not going to do you nothing, "Enrique laughed.

"Lies, "I shouted laughing harder, he tried to grab me but I moved Mr.Keith in his direction.

"OK off me now your hair is tickling my back, "Mr.Keith said and I pouted.

Screw him then, I pushed him slightly forward toward Enrique, wasn't trying to get in trouble, and I made a run for it.

I heard them both start laughing, but didn't dare slow down just in case he was behind me.

I ran up stairs almost slipping.

What the fuck was wrong with these stairs they always try to make me fall so I can get caught.

I ran into Carmello's room and closed the door behind me, he didn't have a lock it broke, he was watching A porno and I busted out laughing.

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