Kyle and Kim were put in the same room so there was no need for me to keep going back to each room to see who had awoken first.

I sat in between the two bed on a chair with my head in my hands crying softly.

It seems as if once I pick the right girl God decides to take her away from me.

My phone rang and I looked at the screen to see dot was calling me.

I cleared my throat before I answered.

"Yo"I said my voice a little raspy.

"You alright? Did you get Lisa out of there? Is she okay?"Dot asked firing his questions like bullets.

"No, my heart feel fucking torn I got her out of there yeah, but.... it was to fucking late Dot man the Doctor said she died she fucking died man." I said wiping a tear.

"Fuckkkk ! It's my fault I'm sorry Que I could have stopped it ! Damn ! "He yelled.

"It's ain't your fault Dot you never laid a hand on her and it was out of you control , I don't blame you at all on the other had I am going to kill that nigga Leon! After I'm done here that nigga gonna feel the pain she felt having to live with his ugly ass."

"I'm with you Que I got ya back brothers til Death.''

"I know you do but Imma holla at you later dot."

"Alright see you later til then." 

I hung up and just put my head in my hands.

You don't know how it feels to get close to someone and give them your heart slowly. Then out of no where they die.

And your just left with half a heart while they still have the other piece.

Just when she had gotten cool with my boys and they loved her like she was apart of our family. How often do you find a girl who can cook, naturally funny , charismatic , smart , doesn't  judge you , her own  person and weird but lovable. I can go on about her for days but then she isn't here any more.

Kimberly woke and instantly began to cry and I stood up and held her and let her cry into my shirt.

"Why?"She yelled to no one in particular.

"She didn't fucking deserve this ! She was sweet , kind and friendly ! Why?"Kim asked looking up at me.

"I don't know?"I said rubbing her back as she cried more into my chest.

Kyle woke up few minutes later and just stared into space screwing the ceiling.

A doctor came in and check their pulse and respiration.

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