Running away from a huge group of guy  I was stuck in a big park and they were after me.I fell over an invisible rock.Man this felt like one of those scary movies when then black girl gets killed first because she wanna seperate from the group.I got up and started running againing but some how they just magically appeared infront of me.I backed up but suddenly I am againt a wall.Wtf  water started driping down my face I looked up it wasn't raining.The boys came closer and surrounded me.

'Lisa man wake up.'I opened my eyes to see  Kyle over my face taking off a wet rag he put on my eye.

'What happen?'

'Naw I guess you was having a bad dream but like yeah the party about the start.'He said putting his jordans.

He was dress so nicely with a blue and white button up and some blue jeans and a bow around his neck.

'Awe you look cute.'

'YEAH YEAH now get up and go wash your  face I don't want you to embarrass me with shit in your eyes.He said smiling at me.

'Whatever.'I said walking away from him.I went into the bathroom washed my face and looked at my eye Kyle worked magic with that towel my eye looked totally normal like i wasn't just hit the night before.I lifted up my shirt and the mark was gone to put the pain was still there when I touched it.

'I feel so plain man.'I said looking at my apperance in Kyle's room mirror.

'You look fine not as good as me but just fine.'

'Fuck you Kyle.'I said hitting him in the shoulder laughing.

'Haha Naw you know I don't go that way but you look alright stop sweating it.'

I rolled my eyes at him so stupid.We walked to his back yard and jump on to the wall the party looked like it was in full swing we were like 30minutes late or whatever. Kyle jumped off the wall and i took my time not trying to hurt myself I went down back first slowly then someone grabbed my waist and helped me down I smiled cause I thought it was Kyle.

'Thanks Kyl-.'That was not Kyle it was Enrique in black white and blue V-neck looks like he dyed it buts it's cute  and jean jacket cute off at the arms and jeans and matching jordans he was looking fly but like making me feel so plain.

'Thanks.'I said smiling at him.

'I thought I told you walk around.'He said returning the smile.

'Do you see how big your house is and shit the hell I look like walking that misson just toget to the front of your house when I can easily jump the wall.'I said raising an eye brow at him.He laughed and lead me inside the house with Kyle behind us.

Alot of freaking people were here alot of girls looking likes hoes in short short short dresses revealing some of their underwear and boys dress to impress ugly looking hoes just to fuck for one night.I was getting stares as Enrique pulled my hand around the house.

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