Chapter- 39

[Lisa P.o.v]

Fun day it was !

All the fun came to an end once Kim and I noticed it was late as shit and we needed to get home.

My Team defended me with everything they had found in the pool house , but at the end we all ended up still getting thrown in to the pool.

Today was just a fun day overall you know , just a whole bunch of teens messing around and having fun.

Everyday should be like this.

I had to wear Enrique's clothes because my extras were wet and the ones I came with got wet too , and I really didn't want to ask Madison for hers so I settled.

"You look extra sexy in my clothes,".Enrique said pecking me on the lips.

"Of course I do , I rock it better then you."

"Yeahhh," he said nodding his head looking somewhere else and I hit his chest and he busted out laughing.

"Yeah , you look bad in my material," he kissed my cheek & I laughed.

"Material you know , ha who says this?"

"Me , just like you say your a New Yorkyen. My cute puppy." He coo'ed and I laughed.

This boy was actually stupid , he told me if I was going to wear his clothes he had to dress me up. I was wearing his camo shorts , his red tank top with his denim cut sleeve Jean jacket , green long socks with red weeds on it and his red chucks. His feet was unbelievably small he wore a size four and I could fit it. Not going to Lie I looked cute he even put my hair in to a bun and for a sec I was thinking this boy is gay. But he laughed and said he learn from playing with his sisters hair and he sometimes had to do it when his mum wasn't home and Madison was being a bitch and she had to go to school.

We went downstairs , then went on to his front porch where everyone was.

It was mad dark as well , these Niggahs didn't care doe.

"So I'm having a drink up on Saturday y'all coming?" Dot asked everyone.

A Chorus of yeah & of course were heard.He looked at me cause I'm the only one who really didn't say anything.

"How bout you Lisa," Dot said winking at me , I chuckled cause he's been doing that ever since I cooked for him and he knows Enrique hates it.

"First , What's a drink up ?" I asked confused , these Niggahs need to learn I'm not from London I don't know their slang.

"Its a Party where you drink beer and liquor," Tori explained.

"Ohh, Er no I'm good." I said shrugging.

"No ! About , Why not?" He sulked.

Ha, he's taking this hard , its funny.

"I don't drink er I like my brain cells you know," I laughed , they all busted out laughing.

"You don't necessarily have to drink just come Love," Enrique told me and I shrugged.

"I'll ask me mum , if she allows it I'll come !" I said and they cheered.

These losers !

"Bye bae." I kissed Enrique and then Jumped into Kyle's Hummer which he brought in front of Enrique's house.

I didn't feel to jump the wall so , him being the awesome bestfriend he is brought it around.

I got in the passenger seat and Kim got in the back , I was surprised when Tori & Erica jumped in.

"Where y'all going?" I wondered.

"Them dudes there are dull ," Tori said and I chuckled.

"Keeping Kyle company so he won't have to ride back alone." Erica said patting Kyle on the head.

" I feel loved !" Kyle laughed as he pulled out if Enrique's yard.

"You and Enrique are too cute you know , him dressing you up in his clothes Cute man," Erica coo'ed.

"Whatever , He was just letting me wear cause mine were wet and he ain't want no one else seeing my goods."

"Be sides him," Kyle said with in a cough making them laugh and me to knock him in the head.

"So , you wanna crash ? I'm driving chick." Kyle laughed.

"Shut yo mouth then." I rolled my eyes at him.

"I can talk all the shit I want and I know you don't want no accident to happen bitch its 11:35p.m. Nobody got time for that," he said and I screwed him , Erica and Tori laughed while Kim shook her head.

We got in front of Kim's apartment and JahMaury & His Mandem where all on the steps.

"Aww man," Kimberly sighed.

"What?" Kyle asked.

"Nothing." I answered.

"I got it ," I stepped out the Car and looked at all of them.

Jahmaury looked at me with a raised eye brown. I waved at him and smiled , I didn't have anything to hold against him except that him and Kim broke up , but that's not really my business that's personal.

"That's you ? Jahmaury ? Dang so quick you are ?" One of his boys said and I screwed him. I opened the back door so Kim could out. Erica and Tori came out first cause Kim was at the End and all you heard was dang ! Once Kimberly came out they all shit they mouth.

We all hugged Kim , Erica and Tori got back in the Car.

"So see you tomorrow babe?" I asked.

"You already know Love !" She kissed my cheek and I got back in the Car and waved her off.

He dropped me off and watched me get inside and waited for the call telling him I was okay before he left.

My mum was in her room sleep., I went to check on the twins and they were perfectly fine.

I walked in my room and jumped on the bed , Fun Day it was Today.

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