Jotaro Kujo : An Unmarried Office Worker

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"If he were married, he wouldn't need to come to a place like this to have a button fixed."

Alright dickhead, steady on 🤣 Small thing, Jealous Polnareff request coming soon!

"Hey, Y/N," Jotaro addressed, scaring you out of your skin. His voice was so bassy, he didn't realise that the simplest sentences could knock a person off centre. "Hm, I've been looking all over for you." Holding your hip, you tried to focus intently on your calculations. Your partner noticed you biting your lip, concentration waning.

"D'ya have to stare, Love?" He mumbled in reply, standing right beside you. Dragging your finger along the paper, you sighed, since you had lost your place in your calculations anyway. Placing the pen and glancing up at him, you decided to take a breather by finding out what your luscious husband wanted. "Alright, JoJo. What is it you need me for so terribly for right now?" Keeping his straight face; a button appeared in between his finger and thumb. Allowing you to take it, he followed your irises squinting at it.

"Y'know... Sew it, isn't that a wife thing?" Snickering, you erupted into laughter and hid your face from him. "What's so funny?"

"You are, I can't sew this. I'll ruin your shirt. I can't believe you even asked me, Jotaro, hahaha!" Normally, he would have yelled about uselessness, but your brutal honesty was always cute and he liked the fact you weren't intimidated by him. "Take it to a tailor if you're so worried." Pocketing the lonely button, he leant over your shoulder and pressed a gentle kiss to your cheek before grabbing the pen and scribbling down the answer to the messy calculations strewn across the page to do with the bills.

"Nah, I'll leave it. It looks better without anyway."

"What a bizarre change of heart." You smiled and continued your calculating in his arms, leisurely placed either side of the kitchen counter.

In a way, it was kind of comforting that if anything happened to him on an adventure, no detective could trace back his clothes back to you; as he traced Kira's back to the tailor. Small details like this made him feel good about himself, but perhaps that was just the detective in him.

He would never admit it was because he loved you more than anything else in his world.

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