Noriaki Kakyoin : Iron Man

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Remember this scene from Iron Man tho

You turned to face him as he rushed into the living room, seemingly flustered looking for something.
"I need to you promise me something."
Taking your hands in his own, the gentle gaze triggered spots of tears to gather beneath your lashes. The man smiled knowingly, cupping your cheek to brush a stray tear away before tilting your chin up to face him. "Oh, don't look at me like that."
"But you only say things like that when you're going somewhere and you might not come back-!"
"Shh... Promise you won't follow me." Swallowing, you felt his hand slide along your stomach, across to your hip. It gripped slightly, making its way to the small of your back. Lost in his violet eyes, a sharp pain seared through your stomach. Kakyoin showed no concern, instead an evil smirk lining his angular features. Trying to pull away, it got worse and worse, boring into you more and more. He began twisting whatever he was using to stab you, blood pooling in your stomach.
Suddenly, bright green headlights appeared in front of your face, a high pitched squeal accompanying it. Paralysed, you couldn't move anything except your eyes, darting your vision all around the room. It was difficult since your main focal point was Hierophant Green. Your limbs were bound by his talons, one of them recoiling to strike your face at any moment. Shutting your eyes with a scream as it slammed down, a few seconds passed before a weight could be felt on your stomach. Panting over you, was your boyfriend, Noriaki Kakyoin.
"Y/N? Y/N are you alright?"
He really was there when you opened your eyes. Had you been dreaming about his Stand? It felt all too real if you had. Pressing your palms out to check, they hit his torso. You felt up his muscley chest, gripping onto his neck with a stutter.
" I... I...?"
"It's alright. Oh, Y/N, it's alright.". He wrapped his arms around you, the security enveloping you as his familiar musk hit your nostrils. Pressing small, frenzied kisses to your head and hair, he seemed as shocked as you were.
"Nori, was that Hierophant?"
"No, it wasn't. Stay here. I'm finding out who's responsible for this."

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