Jotaro Kujo : After Egypt

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This is more of a selfship and it's a bit abrupt but yano. I wrote this mega quick when my dad built our little gazebo in the garden and fought with my mum over it being level. He and next door decided it was 'level with the ground'. (It's defo slanted)

Sorry for the abrupt ending D:

Clattering mugs, you set down five builders brews for the five, sweaty men in your garden. Gratitude was shown in a small wave of different gestures, four different cultures coming to visit in Florida for Jotaro's stag do. Beaming at their handiwork, it was almost worth the continuous bickering you'd been subject to.
"Oh my God, it's lovely" Your fiancé swung an arm around your body, pulling you into a sort of side hug in front of the others. One hand ran down your back, calloused fingertips brushing over the top of your ass before pointing at their 'creation'. Just the hint of a smile on his face was enough to make you totally fall in love with the structure. It needed painting, sure, but it was well built and put together with love by your five favourite men.
"Is it how you wanted it, Y/N?" Tilting his head on his neck, Joseph winked at you before insinuating the patio they'd made wasn't straight a final time.
"Jotaro, where's that spirit level--?" Shuddering in agitation, the youngest Joestar yelled a barrage of Japanese abuse through a cigarette that only Kakyoin understood. The redhead snickered into his drink, thanking you as he made the liquid inside ripple.
"Don't tell me it isn't level again Old Man! It is level, it's level with the fucking ground!" Handing him his coffee filled mug with a wobbly smirk on your face, you knew it would mellow him out a little. Jotaro took an audible gulp, desperately trying not to chuckle into his cup. Rustling paper was heard as your attention was directed to something in Polnareff's hand.
"I improvised your designs, Mademoiselle!" He could help out though he was wheelchair bound, sorting the screws and reading the blueprints. The Frenchman also tapped any beams with Chariot's sword to check they were stable. Avdol checked all the parts were there, laying out the big pieces or handing them over to the Joestars. Kakyoin was the brains, measuring and counting, defining angles and designing, leaving the other two as the muscle. Jotaro had stated many times it had to be perfect for you, telling the others they would take the blame if you didn't like it. It was sweet, he cared even though he struggled to show it.

Things were going so well. You were getting married, JoJo was beginning to feel himself again, despite the terrible nightmares and flashbacks continuing. You occasionally suffered with PTSD related symptoms, but nowhere near as bad as Jotaro.
He struggled to be without someone familiar for longer than a few hours and was even regularly speaking to his mother on the phone. Your relationship had flourished since his return to society had gone smoother than you'd even hoped. Also, since his time at university had taught him to be confident and more in tune with his feelings, now he had a degree in marine biology which was something he adored.
The best thing was, his four best friends, despite being somewhat incapacitated, were here with him in this moment.
"So, what do you think?"
"I think," the anticipation was killing him, a small spark dulling in his eye considering they'd been out here all day in the Floridian heat. "I think... I remember you telling me you were gonna quit smoking, JoJo! Where did you get those?" Mumbling something along the lines of needing a release from his friends, you were astounded when he took it from his teeth, snuffing it out in the ashtray. There was a shifty glance, pink surfacing a little on his cheeks.
"I suppose I did say that," his tone changed, heightening in pitch.
"As for the patio, I love it, because you all made it."
"See, I told you that she would." Joseph flashed a peace sign, sticking his tongue out at his grandson. "Even if it isn't level..."

As seven pm rolled round, you checked your watch. It had been super long since they last met, after all.
"Well, if you guys get hungry when you come back, there's some finger food in the kitchen." Going back into the house, the graduate glued his eyes to your hips swaying, a lustful smirk forming on his mouth.
"Finger food, huh?" Popping another cigarette into his mouth, he grinned as he lit it, savouring the rather nice image in his mind. Polnareff caught the gesture, second brain springing into action.
"I see you grinning, Jotaro. Lucky guy."
"Guess I am, she's grown up to be quite a looker after all. Still a brat beneath the beaut though."
"You guess you are?! You're essentially dating a mermaid, JoJo!" He cocked a brow at Kakyoin, continuing to smoke.
"Her Stand is pretty cool. She doesn't use it anymore, though." Gasping, concerned gazes followed suit. Your Stand, Limited Edition Heart, was the equivalent to turning into a sea creature. You could swap between a tail and scaly legs, depending on the situation and talk to other sea animals. It was no wonder he fell in love with you at a moment's notice. "She feels as though it's brought her nothing but trouble."

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