DIO : Bathtowel

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It's 3am, it's too hot, I'm tired, I can't sleep, h e l p

I'd happily feed this man rn

Mumbling  curses about Enyaba to himself through the library wing of his lord's abode, Hol Horse shook in his boots, thoughts of what the vampire mistress would do to him regarding the late arrival of whatever she had requested.
With only four of the almighty gods left and the Joestar group nearing Cairo, DIO was going to have a problem on his hands if they weren't eradicated soon. The vampiress was nowhere in sight, shadow or candlelight, only dust and books littering the area between carcasses of the babes her partner of sorts used as food.
"Can I help you, Hol Horse?"
The voice damn near killed him, it's agitated yet soothing aura lapping him up and tugging on the lump in his throat. Stammering, the errandboy stalled in his step as the blonde master approached him, enquiring as to why he was bothering him.
" M-Mister DIO. I uhh... Was looking for Y/N..."
"Y/N?" His mouth curled upwards into a grin, top half of his face shrouded in darkness. A cool air caught Hol's skin, prickling it against the near immortal's fingers. A fluffy towel was handed over, relieving Emperors user of his duty. "Y/N is taking a bath, I happen to be on my way over there, so I will take it to her." Sweating profusely, the cowboy thanked DIO, begging him to cease punishment with his eyes and bound hands. "Now run along and tell Enyaba that it's been delivered. Oh, and remember, Hol Horse."
The rugged blonde stopped, awaiting his king's words. "Errand boys are easy to come by, especially in Y/N's eyes."
"Thank you Mr DIO, sir!!" he spat, fleeing from Brando's sight. Sighing, the vampire made his way to the bathroom just beside his bedroom. Peeking his head round, you had left the tub, as he suspected. Before him was your nude form as he entered the room, your slender, vampiric fingers combing a Victorian style into your silken tresses. Eyeing your body, the towel was discarded on the plush mattress, freeing his hands for other, more DIO-esque pursuits.
"Have your manners gone unprecedented, my Love?" Turning your head on your neck, the soft skin just below your jawline was caught in his lips, as if his earlier greeting wasn't enough. "You could have knocked."
"My Darling, you frighten my subjects. They quake in their frail little bones at even the thought of you, hence why I, DIO, brought your bathtowel."
"Whyever are they frightened of me?" you asked, rolling your eyes. He leaned forward, brushing your ear with his lips.
"You're ever so radiant and powerful, my Dear." Shifting your hair from the back of your neck, his sharp gnashers grazed your skin delicately, leaving a rosy mark as you fixed your makeup. Handing him the brush over your head, he took it, lightly powdering over his mark. "Though that cowboy appears to fear his own shadow."
Before DIO could return the brush to you, you moved from your seat, walking to find an appropriate gown. The one you picked out was dark and floor length, it's skirt cascading over your legs leaving room for your legs to exit the slits either side. The auburn eyes of your lover refused to tear away from your outfit choice, judgement and awe coming through in silence.
"What is it, my Dear? I don't scare you, do I?"
"You petrify me," he lulled, smirking through sharp, pearly fangs whilst you made your way back to your ottoman that he had plonked himself on. Settling yourself on his lap, your fingers a wound round his face, embracing him gently.
"You know, lying isn't becoming of you, my Love." Working his face with your talons, they cupped his chin, tilting it upwards before letting go so you could rise to your feet and take yourself to bed for a daylight slumber.

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