Jotaro Kujo : Torn

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Footsteps coming from the hall were enough to startle him, his body giving out on the sofa in panic. Ragged breaths ran awry, his inability to control his breathing leaving him Standless for the time being, which was actually worse than the alternative. Doubled over, he prayed he wasn't about to be embarrassed for life. Footsteps carried through into the room he was in, the weight resembling those of his partner. The door clicked in its frame, a shout coming from your living space.
"Y/N? Is that you?"
"Jotaro? How come you're in here?"
"Oh, thank fuck. Get in here and untie me."
"Untie you? That sounds a bit smutty for you." He sighed heavily, hair messy from rolling around on the sofa. Your eyes were met with his arms tied behind his back with his tie. The black silk wrapped so snugly around his arms and chest made your stomach heave in arousal. "Shit, you weren't kidding. How on Earth did you do this?"
"All I did was come by to retrieve my tie I left here the other night." A lamp flickered in your mind. You realised how he'd gotten into such a mess. He watched from the confines of the sofa as you approached the shelf on the side, a snake-like, silk object in your hand.
"You mean this tie?" Pointing towards him, he arched his brows, scowling at you. "Where'd you get that one?"
"I got it off the bed, where I left it." Jotaro grimaced more as you erupted into lilted laugher, smiling down at him. You sat beside him, propping him up against you so he could talk to you in close quarters. "Wanna tell me what this is all about?"
"I don't know, I'm kinda enjoying you tied up." Shifting his weight onto his legs, he managed to stand up, still unable to move his arms. Your expression told him that it was most likely your deliberate doing.
"Well, at least get this shit off me, it's uncomfortable." Pouting, your fingers snapped, the tie returning to its slack self and falling to the ground. Swinging his arms around, the tall man bent over far enough to be face to face with you sat down. "Care to tell me?"
"You're very intent on blaming me, Jotaro. How do I know you didn't just tie yourself up?"
"Ties don't just tie themselves around you like that one did." Folding his arms, Kujo noticed that your irritated face had been replaced by a sombre one. You felt the couch dip beside you as he sighed, staring at you. "I'm not blaming you. I just don't understand." Those words spelled it all out for you. Having only been with Jotaro for a couple of months, you didn't want to scare him off with crazy talk, that was for sure. Fingers wrenched your jaw to face him, aggressive expressions mirroring one another. Patting the garment into his hand, you released yourself from his grip, rising to your feet. "There's your tie, Jotaro." You only got through a few steps before he called your name. Simply halting, you gave him a moment to speak.
"You're hiding something from me, and," The tie was placed on the sofa as your boyfriend followed you across the room. He backed you into the corner, towering over you. "I think I know what it is."
"Well, I'm probably due my restraining order this time, so just forget about it and I'll leave you alone."
Jotaro assumed you were only being defensive because had been accused of seeing things in a very extreme way by your exes. You obviously struggled to control your Stand, considering it was showing itself to him despite you not realising. It was a cobra-like creature, with a scaly tail and lizard eyes. Its tongue touched the tie on the floor, hissing as it was seen. You were obviously beginning to bubble with upset, considering you were allowing it to do as it pleased in your current fettle. He wagered that whatever your Stand touched would tie itself around an unsuspecting victim, leading to the previous string of lovers dobbing you in for either mental health or assault. It was also assumed that you had tried to tell them the truth before, despite not understanding it, and you had just been unfortunate enough to pick normal humans as your boyfriends. Kujo decided to test this theory by grabbing up the wrong tie on his way out. If it wrapped round him, he could unleash Star Platinum before it squeezed him too tightly. Withdrawing, he sighed and turned on his heel. Arms folded, you observed him leaving, noticing he was going for the wrong tie. Jumping to your feet, he used Star Platinum to grapple onto the Stand vacating the tie. Eyes wide in amazement, you couldn't believe what you were seeing. A parma-violet poltergeist was holding onto your lizard friend, right in front of you, its tongue piercing the ghost's face. Paralysis set in, through fear and the grip on your arms, your laboured breathing making the reptile's skin squishy as it faded away. Jotaro walked through both apparitions, touching your actual body. 'Shit, I've done it again!' you thought via your Stand, the voice being heard by Star Platinum despite his face remaining stoic as ever.
"Nice tongue," he said smoothly, arms squishing you in a hug so you wouldn't go anywhere. You were too busy trying to adjust to reality, making Jotaro smile, blood trickling from his cheek.
"Oh my God, you're bleeding... I'm so sorry, this is what always happens, I didn't mean to hurt you-!"
"It's alright, you panicked," he spoke, less gruff than usual.
"That's not the point, it wasn't me!"
"It was your Stand, I get it."

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