Jotaro Kujo : Cuteness

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Just a short one I wrote last night as I was camping out downstairs to hide from the spider in my best friend's room....
I live for domestic Joot

Grumbling, you pulled a disappointed face at the cheating box of cash, seconds away from giving up when your boyfriend returned from his cigarette outside in the blistering snow. Clocking onto your low face, butterflies surfaced in his gut. Had he caused this...? Jotaro absolutely didn't take any pleasure in seeing you upset. Barging into you, he shoved you over and took a hold of the joystick with one hand, then the grab button with two fingers on the other hand. You stared up at him with huge, confused eyes, the brute turning his head and leaning down to your height. As his full lips brushed lightly against your cheek, it was enough to pepper a blush, then came his deep voice.
"Which one did you want?"
Pointing to a plush sea animal, your excited coo brought a slight smile to his mouth, as he readied himself. The way your arm gradually wrapped around at his elbow, face pressed against him so focused on the cute toy inside the glass, it stoked the incandescence hidden in the hard case of his heart. Little did you know, he had secretly sent Star Platinum in through the flap to collect the one you wanted, a cute little dolphin with pink, glittering eyes. You watched in awe as it clung to the metal claw and slipped out into the prize chute almost effortlessly.
"JoJo," you wailed as he handed it to you with a little smirk.
"There," he said, crystal eyes connecting with yours with a delicate blush. "Got it." Sighing, you felt a spark between your faces as they mirrored each other. Thanking him with a kiss on the tip of his nose from your new dolphin buddy, he flushed bright red, averting his eyes and dragging you away by the hand to battle the raging rapids outside. "Just, keep it dry," he murmured, embarrassed by your affection. Hailing a taxi, you were bundled inside, pulled close to your man for warmth and protection in the back seat. Knees touching, he occasionally clapped eyes on you to check you were doing okay when you gripped his hand in fingerless gloves. Ignoring it physically, his heart skipped a beat.

Finally back inside, you unlocked the door and put the kettle on before even undressing yourself of your winter clothes. He had settled himself on the pleasant warmth your sofa, flicking through the TV listings as he waited for his drink. Smiling as you sat beside him, he pecked your cheek and thanked you for the drink, returning to his magazine. Bringing your legs up onto the furniture, you snuggled into him at rib height, sighing contently. Jotaro shuffled to get comfortable, resting his feet on the coffee table and bringing a hand to your head to thread fingers through your silky tresses. Within minutes you fell asleep, protected and happy in his arms on the couch. Though he'd never admit, he stroked your head and watched as you slept, keen to savour such cute moments with you.

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