Okuyasu Nijimura : Supers!

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Watched the Incredibles 2 today, loved it so much! Have a small fic. The reader has super speed like Dash:

All colour drained from his face when you flew backwards, a tunnelling sound accompanying your hand sliding through his. The arrow had pierced your throat. Gargling loudly, the pain was excruciating, spreading right down to your legs. Okuyasu stopped and dropped at a moment's notice, searching frantically all over the skies for that bastard Yoshihiro Kira. Of course, he had taken off like the coward he was, swooping down only to retrieve the arrowhead. You weren't moving. He wasn't quick enough to catch him, to catch you. He couldn't unsheathe The Hand in public because of Jotaro's instructions. Tears began to fall from his brown eyes as blood poured out at a million miles a second, splashing out all over the pavement and his uniform.

If you were caught this way, the pair of you would be imprisoned or killed. Murder may have been a prison sentence but being labelled as a 'Super' was ridicule. He didn't want to subject you to such a cruel fate. He had never wanted that but... It was too late now. All that was left was to deal with your body and break the news to Josuke. Scooping up your body, merely to hold in his arms, he was halted by a hoarse whisper.
"'Yasu... Don't... It hurts..." Gasping softly, you were met with gritted teeth. Whilst it wasn't the worst possible fate, he had allowed you to become a Stand User. You were part of the game now.
"I can't believe you even fuckin' survived it. What's your power?" A little unsure of what he was talking about, you sat up, clasping the back of your neck. The bleeding had stopped and you suddenly felt well enough to move. Sirens blared from another part of Morioh, ringing in your ears despite your dazed mind ran slow circles trying to process what was going on. Now Okuyasu was shouting for you to get up, attempting to pull you along the street when your legs were flopping like fish all over the place.
"Supers! She's been pierced with the arrow!" This yell held all the clarity you needed. Sobering up from your trance, you sped up, dragging your boyfriend by his arm. He began to scream about the wind hitting his face so hard he couldn't breathe, the signs whizzing past your eyes. Glancing down towards your feet, you noticed they were just a whir of jeans on the pavement. Stopping in a panic, the sudden halt flung Okuyasu into an alley wall, the impact breaking bricks.
"What the fuck was that? How are we in Reimi's alley?" Checking your watch, it notified you that only ten seconds had passed, scorch marks visible on the floor where the heat and friction had frazzled the stone. Chest heaving, the schoolboy felt like he was dying. How had he not melted when you were running at such speed.
"Y...Y/N," he panted, bent double since his ribs felt creased. "How did you? Is that your Stand?"
"I don't know. I felt as though I had to run and then... I did."
"Y...You outran.... Those cop cars... In... Ten sec...onds!" Once he caught his breath and there was still no sign of sirens, the pair of you agreed to pay Jotaro a visit at the hotel, since there was someone else who could fight for Morioh.

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