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Super Mom by lostduckling
Super Momby take me to neverland
In which the loving single mother of Izuku Midoriya catches the eyes of many pro heroes and teachers. [BNHA PRO HEROES X READER!] (cover art not mine)
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Reborn in hunter x hunter (x reader) by allie0o
Reborn in hunter x hunter (x allie0o
Usual reborn story , you died and reincarnated in hunter x hunter. Following original plot with slight changes. All credit goes to hunter x Hunter. Reader x Killua 🥰✨ ...
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No Game No Life x male reader (insert) by d3rpyXpenguin
No Game No Life x male reader ( derpy penguin
In this story you are Sora and Shiro's childhood friend. You met them when you were 9, after moving into the same apartment building. You and Sora are like brothers, and...
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Assassination Classroom x Son of John Wick Male Reader by WildEsskeetit
Assassination Classroom x Son of Agent47
(Y/n) wasn't a normal kid. Sure he went to school, did homework and play with his friends but he had a very special trait. Being the son of John Wick sure has its perks...
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Eternity of Love (One Piece x Reader) by Solatium
Eternity of Love (One Piece x Sphere of Solatium
"Saṃsāra,The Wheel of Eternity"--An epithet to an old legend in Paradise. Of course, you were one of those who knew it wasn't the case, since you were the wiel...
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BNHA: To Kiss Or Die by otakuwaii
BNHA: To Kiss Or Dieby otakuwaii
[katsuki bakugo x reader insert]💥 🌸BOOK 1/3🌸
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Fight | Todoroki Shoto X Reader (Wattys2019) by MakiChan_
Fight | Todoroki Shoto X Reader ( ».·°•Maki•°·.«
Aizawa Y/N, A daughter of pro heroes Erasurehead and Ms Joke. A future hero's destiny. A not so normal girl. Being a childhood best friend of Todoroki Shoto is nice, rea...
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Scarlet Taste (Vampire! Yandere x Emotionless! Reader) by PhantomFics
Scarlet Taste (Vampire! Yandere PhantomFics
A vampire falling in love with a human wasn't a rare occurrence, but it wasn't a common one either. You gave him a reason to live, a reason to be happy. He needed you, h...
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The Demon Inside (Levi x Reader) by toffy59
The Demon Inside (Levi x Reader)by Lucy
(F/N) (M/N) (L/N) has recently joined the 104th Trainee Squad to train and become a Survey Corps member with two thoughts on her mind, one was to kill all the titans and...
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A Spice in Life (Shokugeki no Soma x Fem!Reader) ON HIATUS by CrownedCabbage
A Spice in Life (Shokugeki no updates on the way!
[ On hiatus ] {WARNING: MAY CONTAIN FOOD PUNS} "Hone your skills." "Work diligently." "Bring honor to our village." These were the words Ho...
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Dragon Ball Z Reader Inserts by ALittleIrishTimber
Dragon Ball Z Reader Insertsby ChemCatPro
Just a bunch of Dragon Ball Z x Reader one-shots. Some of these will take place across series and sagas (Including Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super, but not GT)
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Camp Camp x Reader by ItsTotalyBlue
Camp Camp x Readerby ItsTotalyBlue
(She pronouns, if male or whatever ignore the pronouns I guess) (This also turns into a David x Reader.) A beautiful and crazy camp, with laughs, good times- Let's cut...
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[In Naruto?!] -- Older Version of Dérive. by LeTiffany
[In Naruto?!] -- Older Version empy
[Name] [Last Name] is the type of girl who crossdresses to intimidate people. Rui [Last Name] is the type of five-year-old who adores his older crossdressing siste more...
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Just You and Me (Haikyuu Oneshots) by cathierocknite
Just You and Me (Haikyuu Oneshots)by Cathie
Just some silly/emotional/fluffy one shots with you and your favourite characters from Haikyuu just because all of the characters are just so lovable. Reader is deemed t...
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Golden Girl (UshijimaXReader) by writingtheinserts
Golden Girl (UshijimaXReader)by Lyric
She was legendary. Extraordinary. She flew into battle with a spike like a cannon and the instincts of an animal. She was deadly to a team without resolve and godsend to...
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Steven Universe x Timelord!Reader by _TheLaggyBean_
Steven Universe x Timelord!Readerby _BeanoBuddo_
(THE SHOW X READER NOT THE CHARACTER) This is a story that comes from a person with equal love for Doctor Who and Steven Universe. I had this thought one day, and haven'...
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Peter Parker x reader by Supermaxywaxy
Peter Parker x readerby Cheshire Cat
This is a Peter Parker/ spiderman x reader. The reader is an orphan and has the power to make portals. (Disclaimer: I don't own Spider-man or y/n. I only own the plot, t...
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chase you ( josuke x oc ) by NOODLEBOYNARUTO
chase you ( josuke x oc )by 🧃
" i'm not here to make friends in this weird little town " " then why are you here? " " because i have a mission. a mission to help protect mr...
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Host Club Mother by SilhouetteofaBreeze
Host Club Motherby Yuna
Kyoya was the mother of the Host Club until Haruhi's sister Rika returned from a trip abroad. With teaching requirements from her school in America, Rika begins a semest...
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My Hero Academia X Male Reader by ImmortalGod1
My Hero Academia X Male Readerby ImmortalGod1
In a world full of heroes and villains people always pick a side...but what if you did neither? Meet y/n...
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