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𝐎𝐛𝐬𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐝. ( Yandere x Reader ) by minuyu
𝐎𝐛𝐬𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐝. ( Yandere x minuyu
[ Yandere! Emperor! x Female! Reader! ] The Emperor of Intuuin is bloodthirsty and dangerous. The Emperor has taken over every single other kingdom, country and nation k...
[On Hold!] Joker of the Cards (Epithet Erased X F! Reader [Story]) by Beheamothscreamoth
[On Hold!] Joker of the Cards ( Scream
Your name is (Y/N) Hofnar, you're 14 years old and you're taking an individual trip to your local museum! On your way out, something... or someone manages to knock you o...
Phage by Lassaru56
Phageby Lassaru
Y/N is a young boy who one winter morning meets the person who can help him, because anyone hosting a symbiote is definitely in need of help
You suddenly transmigrate into a world unknown to you after falling asleep in the class. But after trying to find your way out, you shine in the emperor's eyes - making...
Rewind (BNHA x male reader) by ghostdonuts
Rewind (BNHA x male reader)by ghostdonuts
Immortality, an ability that seems like a dream come true. You never have to fear death, that's why the world looked at Y/N as if he's some miracle. But to him, Immortal...
Divide and Conquer| My Hero Academia x Male Reader by -boydd
Divide and Conquer| My Hero a 69 god
Looking at him, you'd never guess he was a hero.. BNHA x SUKUNA MALE READER My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen Spoilers Born with one of the strongest quirks and a str...
The Black Knight (Tokyo Ghoul x Reader) by Alumina_
The Black Knight (Tokyo Ghoul x Alumina
'A world of peace and security. That doesn't sound too bad.' That thought ran through Y/n's mind. What this bandaged up girl was saying, could she actually achieve this...
Scary Girl X Male Reader by RealMemey
Scary Girl X Male Readerby Memey
You're a normal everyday guy who signed up to be apart of the reboot of the hit show Total Drama Island to win a million dollars! But the journey will be treacherous, an...
Amphibia Reader Insert  by GeekFreakofNature
Amphibia Reader Insert by Total Amphibian
You are Marcy's identical twin sister. The end. TOP RANK♡ #1 in 🐸AMPHIBIA🐸
Helluva Boss Male Insert / Male Reader X Millie by skullcrusher76
Helluva Boss Male Insert / Male skullcrusher76
There's not much I can say here the title explains it all. Your a demon on the IMP team and you are dating millie. I do not own Helluva boss and/or any pictures I use in...
Male!Reader Reads (Priotising New Requests) by Futuralist
Male!Reader Reads (Priotising Demoness Socialite
You sad males are in a relationship with your waifus. (or husbandos, I won't judge) Please go away if you're sensitive and / or will be a nuisance, don't want to deal...
Camp Camp x Reader by ItsTotalyBlue
Camp Camp x Readerby ItsTotalyBlue
(She pronouns, if male or whatever ignore the pronouns I guess) (This also turns into a David x Reader.) A beautiful and crazy camp, with laughs, good times- Let's cut...
EXTRATERRESTRIAL (Ben 10 x Male Reader Story) by Yog-sazeth
It started with an alien device did what it did
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The Second Strongest Sorcerer (Jujutsu Kaisen x Male Reader) by Verminoh
The Second Strongest Sorcerer (
What does it mean to be in second place? Some may argue that it signifies coming close to victory, having bested all but one. Others may see it as a perpetual shadow ca...
Hazbin Hotel Girls x Male Angel Reader by Miserable-Wretch
Hazbin Hotel Girls x Male Angel Miserable Wretch
Sent down from Heaven to check on Hell, you find yourself in multiple scenarios with the girls of the Hazbin Hotel universe. Fall in love, develop relationships and woo...
My Hero Academia X Male Reader by ImmortalGod1
My Hero Academia X Male Readerby ImmortalGod1
In a world full of heroes and villains people always pick a side...but what if you did neither?
Ben 10 Male Reader X My Hero Academia by SuperSodaPie
Ben 10 Male Reader X My Hero SodaPie
It all began in China, In Qing Qing City. There was news that a baby that gave off light was born. Ever since then, superpowers were discovered in various places, and ti...
Insatiable (Yandere Males x Reader) by LocketOfSecrets
Insatiable (Yandere Males x Reader)by LocketOfSecrets
Strange. (Y/n) felt eyes on her back, piercing into her soul, but every time she turned, there was nothing there. It came out of nowhere and always lingered its gaze on...
My story | PJO x male reader by Snsvette
My story | PJO x male readerby Snsvette
Every demigod starts somewhere, everyone gets their time on the podium-be it in the god's council, or in front of the judges of the underworld. This is not a game, this...