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Parasite [BNHA x reader] by NoDecafAllowed
Parasite [BNHA x reader]by Caffeine In My Veins
Being born quirkless, you learned to keep your head down, mouth shut and out of the way of others. You were powerless... You were weak... You were nothing. At least, unt...
The Undaunted Golem (My Hero Academia) by Artificer_Artillery
The Undaunted Golem (My Hero Artificer Artillery
Y/n has always had the unfortunate luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so when ever something bad happens he would take the burden and stand sturdy. Can he...
Cold Hearted (Blake x Reader x Yang) by GiexesAdris
Cold Hearted (Blake x Reader x Christopher Umbra
Before Beacon's second semester begins, RWBY is sent on a mission to capture a certain someone. On the top of the now frozen mountain, resides someone who'll change both...
Kakegurui x Male Reader by RWBYCheesecoffee
Kakegurui x Male Readerby RWBYCheesecoffee
When a boy with a notorious gambling track record transfers to Hyakkaou Private Academy, things are sure to be interesting!
Corpse Bride Emily x Male Reader by Miserable-Wretch
Corpse Bride Emily x Male Readerby Robyn Young
Emily was terribly murdered at the hands of her ex-fiancé, and after being left for dead, all seemed lost for her romantic adventure. Until a young man ventured into the...
Naruto X Male Reader by ImmortalGod1
Naruto X Male Readerby ImmortalGod1
(Naruto Anime x Male Reader) Y/n isn't your average ninja,and no one will stop him from accomplishing his goal...
Male Reader x Artemis Goddess of the Hunt by Boxingmender95
Male Reader x Artemis Goddess of Boxingmender95
After the disappearance of the hero of Olympus Percy Jackson, you, a lowly son of Aphrodite, embark on a journey to search for the hero only to cross paths with the hunt...
Rewind (BNHA x male reader) by ghostdonuts
Rewind (BNHA x male reader)by ghostdonuts
Immortality, an ability that seems like a dream come true. You never have to fear death, that's why the world looked at Y/N as if he's some miracle. But to him, Immortal...
Beyond (A Chainsaw Man x Male Reader story) by Yog-sazeth
Beyond (A Chainsaw Man x Male Some random guy
Paper Can Tear (Konan X Male Uchiha Reader) by SlixTR
Paper Can Tear (Konan X Male Cameron Sweeney
Losing to the blue-haired woman and a shark-like man, (Y/N) accepts his fate of death, he deserved it but the two offered him a spot in the Akatsuki, a rogue ninja organ...
Time by H_Sh200
Timeby H_Sh200
ကြိုက်ရင်ဖတ် မကြိုက်ရင်ကျော်သွား လျှာတော့မရှည်နဲ့
DBZ x Reader Oneshots by The_Rainbow_Follows
DBZ x Reader Oneshotsby The_Rainbow_Follows
Requests closed I'm just writing for whenever I'm bored or have an itch to write something. Look around enjoy you might find something you like. Lemons or even fluff.
Night Wing Male Reader x Boku No Hero Academia by Phearless14
Night Wing Male Reader x Boku No Anime & Comics Tribe
Y/N was born quirkless like Izuku and they became best friends. They spent so much time together and they soon became "brothers". When they found out they were...
Two Different Demons by Slick_SonWuKong
Two Different Demonsby Slick_SonWuKong
You are a half rare breed of vampire and half human then turned half demon Vampires just like demons are thought to be myths and amongst the people that know about demon...
Just Out Of Reach || doloresxreader by SirEggsalot
Just Out Of Reach || doloresxreaderby SirEggsalot
The Familía Madrigal is full of chaotic Columbians. One of these is the ears of the Encanto, Dolores Madrigal. Dolores had been keeping a secret all her life, but accide...
Forgotten Friendship |  Genji x Reader by Blackwatch_Reyes
Forgotten Friendship | Genji x Blackwatch_Reyes
{Highest ranking: #1 in Genji!} You were friends with Genji and Hanzo in their youth. Tragic events split you all apart and you reunite years later at Overwatch. Origina...
The Forgotten Hero (A Star Wars Story) by lovingitbaby
The Forgotten Hero (A Star Wars Ya boy
A young man from Tatooine that discovers something about himself and meets a few "unique" people he'd never expected. And it takes him on the biggest adventure...
An Arranged Marriage by Krazyk2314
An Arranged Marriageby Krazyk2314
An AU of sorts. Where hunter's have communities, and arrange marriages for their young. Y/N is from the Northwest region, arranged to marry Dean, from the midwest region.
Avatar x Male Reader by ImmortalGod1
Avatar x Male Readerby ImmortalGod1
Why do people fear fire? The big body of Water is called the ocean... Then there is the Earth itself...a giant piece of rock... And then the Air we breathe...the large i...