Yoshikage Kira : Give Me A Hand

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This is an old one, found it on my tumblr

“Good afternoon, Sir. What can I get you?”
Shuffling in one spot, the man achkowledged your presence by waving his hand slightly. It seemed rude, but if your colleague came back and caught you cussing out some rich guy you would be toast. This guy must have been a salesman or businessman of some sort, dressed quite dapper. His hair was loosely combed over his head, aside from two waved bangs which hung over his prominent cheekbones. You’d never seen him before, but the guy looked like David Bowie. He wasn’t even looking at the menu, his eyes were fixated on the counter, following your fingers as they slowly rapped against it. To make things worse, you swore his tongue peeped out from in between his lips, but instead of being creeped out immediately, you decided to assume he was just hungry. It was a bistro, after all. Clearing your throat, the businessman ripped his gaze from your hands, apologising to you right off the bat.
“Pardon me, I was merely deciding what I was going to eat.” Waiting patiently, your eyes wandered to look out the window. A sigh escaped your mouth, rambling beginning to fall out of it.
“It’s been a slow day today. There doesn’t seem to be anybody around Morioh...!” Cocking an eyebrow, he listened, taking perverted glances at your appendages every now and then. “Oh, by the way. I forgot to tell you that if you order anything hot, there is at least a five minute wait... My colleague hasn’t started yet and he’s the server.”
“No matter.” His tone sounded a bit flat.
Were you boring him?
“I’m sorry, am I rambling? It’s just lonely in here with no customers, is all.” Before the man could reply, the bell rang as the door opened.
“Sorry I took so long, Y/N! My teacher was being wack.”
“Josuke! There’s a customer!” Gasping, the teenage boy bowed his head, praying no offense had been caused. Upon returning however, his blood began to boil, a purple aura burning off him. All he could do was grit his teeth, smile and trudge to the kitchen. The older man continued perusing as you excused yourself to make him a complimentary coffee, using it as an excuse to speak to Josuke. He had thrown a pan in rage, denting the bowl where it must have struck the grill. “Josuke, did something happen at school?”
“Y/N?” He rushed to clamp his arms around you, seemingly shook at the fact you were stood there. “I’m sorry, I completely lost my demeanour out there!”
“Is he a bad guy?” The way your shoulders ridged upwards towards your neck showed a fear that Josuke also hadn’t taken into consideration. You were human. He had forgotten.
“You need to go serve him. I’ll give you the deal once you’re back in here, alright?”
”Alright...” Exhaling, Josuke’s words remained in your mind as you set his coffee down on the counter, apologising for the wait. “I’m terribly sorry, Sir.” Swiping your hand a little too close to it, the scalding water burned you, leaving a small blister in it’s wake. Hissing in pain, you hid your injured hand, trying to act normal.
“Did you just injure yourself?” His eyes could cut into anyone like diamonds. Apprehensive, lying seemed like the best option.
“N-No. I’m fine. I’ll manage. What would you like to eat?” Scoffing, he held out his bony fingers, gesturing for you to give him your hand.
“I’d really like to see your hand. It would be a shame if you hurt yourself.” Swallowing, tension was quite obviously heavy. Staring him down, you decided to reject his request. Taking the silver tray, you turned it vertical against your stomach, shaking your head gently. “I appreciate the concern, but I assure you I will be fine.” Scribbling some words down on a notepad from your pocket, it was very noticeable, the way his eyes gazed at your fingers. He began to speak, detailing how he wanted his food cooked, allergies and other preferences. Losing interest fairly quickly, you lazily peered out of the front window since something had caught your eye. It was that mysterious scientist related to Josuke, Jotaro! You were just about to wave, when cold, skinny fingers wrapped around your neck.

“Don’t say a word.” His voice was fearsome and raspy, the way he breathed down your face honestly scared the wits out of you. Paralysed, you felt as though you couldn’t move even if you wanted to, a strange grip on your throat. Kira walked away from you, lowly laughing to himself. “You have such beautiful hands. They’re soft, and you obviously look after them. I’ve noticed you in the nail bar on the other side of the street, too.” He grasped your wrist forcefully, a scream ripping from your throat. Slamming it onto the table, he took a scalpel from his jacket, laying it flat on the corner. Penning in where he was going to make a cut, you simply cried and screamed, noises muffled by Killer Queen.
Meanwhile, Josuke was getting concerned. Perhaps he shouldn’t have sent you back to take his order. Even though he was at work, he may have to take the verbal lashing off his mom for prison bail. Exiting the kitchen, you were practically screeching as this guy was slowly digging into your wrist with a scalpel. Blood was everywhere, bone scraping as the blade sawed into it. Josuke screamed himself, making Kira lose his composure. The last thing you remembered was Josuke’s shout, before hitting the ground and fading out.

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