DIO : Gravity, Part 1

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This has some similar quotes from this amazing video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpHx60MAs_0

Also, slight spoilers for Stardust Crusaders, despite being set a year before.

I'm such a cumslut for DIO at the moment, it's a bit ridiculous. This is definitely getting a smutty, gritty, raw part two but not tonight, I had to split it because it was pages and pages long. There is soooo much DIO in my drafts. I haven't forgotten about requests either, I promise! I'm just trying to get through my drafts right now. Stay gucci and behave :)

Children were playing outside of a hotel well known for attracting wealthy tourist families. You had been targeting this place the last few weeks, leading to an unfortunate boom in media coverage due to whispers of a murderer on the loose in Cairo. Couples were told to stay together, children with their mothers, but such advice was wasted on the pull of the city's nightlife. Men were easy to catch, as were children, but women were much more vigilant.
You sat in the hotel bar, sipping on a fine red wine and keeping to yourself beneath your bustled dress and black hijab, excellent for initially hiding your teeth and blending into this society. Tellies all over played the mysteries of missing people on repeat, their strange injuries attracting the attention of the finest medical examiners and students.
Little did you know, however, was the extraordinary marks and deflating had pulled someone else along to investigate. Someone unexpected; who had just entered the establishment.

DIO wandered in, clad in mustard yellow trousers that hung off his muscular frame paired with a dark, sleeveless top shredded in various places to show off his enviable abs. Fingerless gauntlets protected his weak, healing bones since they acted like a support as well as a fashion statement. Scanning the room, women brimming with energy urged him to lick his full lips as he analysed them. That's when he spotted you, sat at the bar alone. Eyeing your body, his gaze was dragged to the bustle at your back, reminding him of times passed. It was just a shame he couldn't see the face of the woman wearing it. Smirking, he wasted no time in strutting over there and taking a seat beside you.
The World's user was about to speak when he noticed some off things about you. First off, was your skin. It was pristine and almost glowing, appearing silky smooth to the touch just looking at it. He also couldn't seem to sense a heartbeat, but there were so many people in the room, he couldn't be totally sure and just as he was going to address you, a child fell over beside you.
You leapt from your seat gracefully, bending over to place a hand on the little girl's head.
"Oh dear, your leg is bleeding, darling." DIO glanced over from where he was sat, observing as the child was immediately enchanted by the face of this mystery woman. That was the second point leading him to believe that you had not only survived the last century, but you must have been the vampire he was searching for.
He was so lost in his thoughts, he realised he'd missed the interaction before you let the child run off, since she was too young and easy. Not only that, but you had walked off somewhere, also. DIO cursed himself but got up from his seat and walked through the lobby, into the entertainment area absolutely packed with bodies.
Then all of a sudden, he couldn't think straight. His nerves were tingling and his chest was pulling tight, reacting to being watched.
"Jonathan's descendants again," he growled, bearing teeth and opting to rush outside in order to control his hot flush. It was always irritating when his body reacted to Joestar stimuli, especially since it was happening more often than not now.

Outside the festivities, the pool shimmered in the moonlight. It was empty, despite only being after ten o'clock at night. Usually, partygoers hung around the pool until the wee hours, but all was still. The vampire lord rested for a moment on a sun lounger, deciding he wouldn't worry about Cairo's possible serial killer. He shut his eyes, smiling tiredly. Then a squeak piqued his interest. It had sounded like a mouse, but a pained noise followed. Turning to the noise, he was shocked to see the silhouette of a woman jumping from balcony to balcony, unlike an ordinary human could! She leapt up onto the rooftop, defining his next stop for sure.

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