DIO : Gravity, Part 2

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I can't leave out full on background, I'm sorry y'all 😂😂 Also there has to be a memory duhh

I will try to rearrange the contents after work tomorrow so it's easier to understand in terms of timescale, since my DIO stories especially are actually linked, I have a full scale background in my head for DIO's s/o.

Hol Horse's voice in the OVA was lit, just saying

You had agreed. His house was huge, at least three stories high and occupied by others than himself. It seems DIO had built quite the empire in the last few years, his residents a mix of vampires, zombies and humans, inhabiting his space in return for loyalty. As you walked beside DIO in the dimness, his underlings stared after you, gasps and murmurs echoing between one another.
Hol Horse turned to Mariah, quietly muttering between his cigarette.
"Hey, she looks just like that photograph he spends his time gapin' at, don't she?" Agreeing, Bastet's user covered her mouth, in absolute awe at the likeness. The silence was pierced by an old woman's raspy voice.
"Lord DIO! Welcome ba-hhhhnn!!"
Spooked, you jumped back directly into the vampire lord, barging into his torso with your elbow. He steadied you, pushing you back onto your feet lightly before you could apologise and scolded the haggard woman for scaring you.
"Enyaba, old woman! Your manners are lacking... That is no way to treat my guest, now is it? Off with you, this instant!" The lot of them scrambled at his order, but you kept your mouth shut. You hadn't actually seen him so aggressive.
DIO took your hand, excusing their lack of manners and leading you gently toward his bedroom on the top floor, a simple affair with heavyset wooden furniture and original art pieces you had never seen before. You were invited onto his bed with a pat to the mattress, which you accepted and sat down. "You'll have to excuse my servants, make yourself at home. You may rest in here, for however long you would like." It was DIO's room. You had been invited to warm his bed after 100 years. "There is a library on the floor below, full of stories from the ages which I hope you will find interesting, should my subjects bore you." Rising to his feet, he walked over to his vanity, sitting on the ottoman and preparing a quill in order to write quietly. "Ah, yes," he paused, glancing at you from his seat. "If you're hungry, my Love, Enyaba will fetch you some food from the basement. The old hag you ran into before." Holding your locket close to your heart, you glanced at his golden hair tumbling down Jonathan's back. His scar looked so fresh, though that alone was nothing compared to your wounds.
"Goodbye then, my Darling. I intend to return and rest beside you, later... When you feel that you require my company."
Leaving him to his diary, you walked confidently, holding your head high and acting tough to scare off any of his minions who dared do you harm. You were entitled to speak freely to his subjects, though they seemed to cower from you, so you decided to visit his library.

It was a haven of literature and solitude, binders browning with age and the musty smell of eras passed hitting your nose. You found it odd, though.
Why was this man being so kind to you? He was the reason you had been forced to suffer the way you had. It wasn't guilt, but finding him again just felt so... Comforting.
Did you love him?
One thing was for sure, you did back then.
Bringing your hands up behind your neck, you unfastened the locket, opening it to reveal the black and white photograph inside. You had taken a photograph together for Mr Joestar, DIO's adoptive father, as a keepsake. One of his sons was engaged to be married, after all. Sitting in a lone chair, you couldn't help but smile at the memory. DIO looked so handsome, in his shirt and tie. You remembered his cologne and how you had teased him for combing his hair for once. Your hat was newly bought, as a gift from George.
Prior to that, you had worked for Wang Chan, offering deal-breaking cures for various ailments across London.

You had met DIO when you were twelve years old, when he arrived to buy poison, which the evil bastard Wang Chan just gave to him, regardless of his age or what he wanted it for. It angered you, the Asian's complete disregard for reason.
But you knew to hold your tongue, slipping backwater panaceas for coin behind his back when he rested his body, anyway.
Obsessed with the arcane and magic as you grew up, you learned various spells and recipes from your owner, cure-alls and concoctions, elixirs and enchantments, so becoming a vampire was just an addition to your power.

One summer's evening, you had finally escaped onto the street, buckling up to do some dirty deals as usual when a familiar voice interrupted.
"Ah, still selling potions to the quack, Y/N?" You turned to face him, homemade rouge on your cheeks and red lips catching his eye, along with dark eye makeup, to trend like the wealthy. It caught him off guard, the young boy's heart skipping a beat and his irises gluing themselves to your plump mouth. You looked so... Mature and beautiful. You looked like his mother.
"I do believe I never asked you, Dio Brando." Pouting, you crossed your arms with a smirk. "Well, that Doctor Pendleton would buy pickled rat shit in a jar thinking it was a cure for a cold and apparently he's in town." You sighed, looking out on the Thames and shuffling your feet against the cobblestone as the sun began its descent. "Shame I can only sell it for a crown." He admired how the light of the golden orb shone on your face, its light flicking a switch in him that puberty was trying to kickstart. "Whatever brings you back here? That old master of mine told me that you had moved to Coventry, surely that's far more interesting than spending your time hanging around this dirty, old hovel." Your tone was sombre, longing for adventure and a life outside of this shithole. "It's been three years, Dio."
"I've just... Come to visit," he lied, running his fingers through his blonde strands as he tried hard to cool down his hormones. Your gentle voice and concern had reminded him of his poor, beloved mother. His mental battle with JoJo had honestly forced him to forget about her a little bit. The truth was just that, he missed you. He missed catching you in the street like this, chatting and teasing one another when he was walking him alone from the local boozer for his sick father, later in his illness. Occasionally, he would opt to walk you home, even though you knew Ogre Street like the back of your hand. Dio hadn't realised the attachment he had formed, even after his recent encounter with Erina to force her and Jonathan apart, until this moment "Here," he offered his arm for you to link with a grin. "I'll walk you along." Though reluctant to begin with, you accepted, holding onto his arm in the closing light of the day. "We have a lot to catch up on, do we not?"

Before he left, Dio was sure to strike a closer relationship with you, pledging to rescue you from the fortune teller. He wasn't going to allow you to fall the same way his mother had.

The boy was in love, but he couldn't comprehend such an emotion. It confused him.

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