::Question Time::

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Hi everyone, thank you all for waiting so patiently for requests! I'm off uni now so I was looking forward to really getting through some of them, but now I'm still sick from last week and I'm working all weekend😂😂

So I thought I'd snap up a small question meme to do something a bit different and get some conversation starters cos I love talking to you all 😍

SO comment a quote/emoji from below and I'll answer the corresponding question - I hope you guys will share some stories too! 😍 There's no limit on the amount you want to comment, if one's already been done I'll try and think of something else but I really wanna hear from you guys too

💖 Who is your favourite character and why? 💖

👾 What do you think your Stand/power would be, if you had one at all? 👾

💋 If you were in a relationship with any character from JoJo, realistically who do you think it would be and why? 💋

👨‍🦲 If you could be any sort of creature what would you be? 👨‍🦲

🧛‍♀️ Truthfully, if you were captured by DIO and knew of all the terror he was causing as well as his background, would you stay or fight? 🧛‍♀️

☠️ Who is most scary or intimidating for you in the series? ☠️

🌍 Do you think you would be part of a faction in the JoJo universe? (Ogre Street Gang, DIO's servants, La Sqadra etc) 🌍

🚓 You aren't a Stand user, but calls keep coming into the police station where you work about strange paranormal phenomena in the area, do you investigate or shut them down by telling them it's all folklore? 🚓

🙊 If you had a Stand in real life, would you use it? 🙊

🛳️ If you were in Erina's situation on the boat, would you listen to Jonathan and get away or face Dio yourself? 🛳️

🔑 You're trapped in a lift with your most feared/disliked JoJo character, do you ignore one another or do you try to escape together? 🔑

⏳ Who would you be most happy to see during EoH and what would you tell them? (Assuming they knew you) ⏳

🤔 If you and your favourite character met your past selves during EoH, what do you think you would notice most? 🤔

🐎 Hol Horse wants to partner up just after losing J Geil - Do you agree or go alone? 🐎

👶 Your children are Stand users, do you encourage them to use their powers or shun them? 👶

🐬 Wildcard : Present your own scenario or question! (No mad personal questions please - they will just be ignored, keep it relevant.) 🐬

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