Joseph Joestar : B O W L I N G

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Sorry I haven't been uploading, got much to work on, especially a request which I can't wait to share with you guys! For now though, have some slightly angsty JoJo

(Written as if Suzi found out about Joseph's affair not long after he had it.)

It wasn't often you got out with Joseph after the bother in Egypt. He was the sort to spin a colossal web of slight lies, stories often getting out of hand. Despite considering yourself older, this relationship was definitely nothing short of a stroke of luck. Joseph was funny, exciting and knew what he wanted. Exactly, what he wanted. He didn't speak much of his ex-wife, the mother of his only daughter. You wondered what sort of boring woman could give up such a playful, loving man.

He patted his bionic fingers on your shoulder, prompting a glance over it to look into his weathered, handsome eyes. In his other hand was jug full of cola, chilled as he liked it. How he had managed to carry two glasses over also was a mystery, but you didn't care. He had bought refreshments, and your throat needed refreshing. Tonight's date was in the local bowling alley, a twenty minute walk from your apartment. Promises of dates and catching up were certainly being fulfilled, the older man obviously still riddled with blame for leaving you alone so long. People filled almost every lane, lights whizzing round like the specks of light flecking off speedy bowling balls. Crashes and chattering complimented each other, families roaring with laughter, couples competing and few sportsmen practicing. You sat yourself down on the faux leather, diner style seats, contemplating one another's names for the computer and if you were going to use barriers.

"You go first, Baby." Strutting up to the ball dispenser, the coloured marble clacked loudly as each weight begged you to use it for your shot. Selecting the pale pink one, you were aware that his eyes were glued to your ass, shapely in your capri pants. Deliberately arching your back slightly, your posing was rewarded with the glint in his eye you knew all too well. "Don't be cheating now!"
"How could I?" Coy smile behind half lidded peepers, you swung your hips as the ball left your grip, rolling down the lane straight to the goal. Six pins fell to the ground, leaving four remaining. Joseph mocked playfully, pointing to the scoreboard with a chuckle. Your second go wasn't much better, only knocking a single skittle off its base.
"Oh, isn't that a shame."
"I want to see you do better!" He was going to do better alright. He'd arrived at the conclusion that since Hermit Purple was a part of him, it wasn't cheating even though you couldn't see it. Lavender spikes wrapped around the sphere, anchoring it to his hand. He intended to guide it's path with his Stand, showing off such skill you would have no choice but to fawn over him! A smile appeared as he strode over to the marked line, swinging his arm out and sending the ball in such a perfect straight line every single pin crashed to the back of the lane, securing a strike.
At first, you assumed that he was just very good at bowling, but when the ball was rolling exactly the same each time it was only natural you would decide something was up.

Bending over to choose a ball, something caught your eye in the light. If it was what you thought it was you were going to kill him.
"I didn't realise you had claws, JoJo..." Blushing bright pink, the older man laughed off your suspecting tone with such incriminating confidence he had basically dug his own grave.
"What was that?" Cocking an eyebrow, you pointed to the deepish scratches lining his ball, approaching him as you felt along the ridges.
"It's just, I recall you telling me something about one of those mystical hermits. You know, the purple ones? Only those can make marks like this!" Revealing the scraped texture in the marble, he had been caught red handed, or should you say, red Standed. That was something he hadn't thought about. Whilst you couldn't see the power itself, he often left strange marks around the house that resembled these. It was one of the main factors that caused you to believe him, why you trusted in him as much. Though his stories were absolutely crazy, there was always some sort of evidence that made it so. Sighing, he admitted.

At least you accepted milkshake from the diner down the street to make up for his blatant cheating. Sipping on the thick, milky brew, his mind wandered back to Suzi Q, imagining how it would have been if he had just kept his damn dick in his pants and stayed loyal. He had thought no woman would ever match up to her. What if she just had accepted a milkshake for his huge wrongdoing and things were the way they were again?
Though visibly unnerved by the memory, he supposed it didn't matter now. He wasn't deserving of such a fine woman. Undeserving of any woman, according to his grandson.
"What happened," the boy had asked, pissed off that he'd basically tainted the family name.
"JoJo," your serene voice brought him back to reality. "It's alright." It may have been acceptance for something completely different, but he didn't care. Maybe it would be alright. The past wouldn't be, perhaps not even the future. But for now, with you smiling at him tenderly telling him it would all be okay, no matter what level of a lie that was, that was alright. He was alright with you in the moment, even if it wasn't going to last forever.

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