Jotaro Kujo : I'M SORRY???

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I'm actually sorry I have no idea where this came from, I think I'll give it an alternative ending because Jotaro deserves better 👀 EoH my guys, comment how you would have preferred it to end so I can get some ideas 🤔😎

Your fingernails scratched across the tarmac, DIO's hit obviously successful through your middle, since it missed Jotaro. Hanging for your life, you dangled from a fraying cable, sticking out of bridge where the road had collapsed. It was all so weird, he went away so much, but this time you'd gotten involved against his word. You struggled to believe it, but time had ended up out of wack, one of Jotaro's enemies coming back for him through his friends and family. Entering what he said was a time fifteen years ago, you had found yourself in Egypt, refighting the battle he never told you about.
You hadn't ever considered it was for your protection from magical beings. He probably felt as though you wouldn't believe him, and since endurance was running low now, your arms gradually beginning to lose feeling as you clung to a broken grate above the vicious waves of the ocean. You thought about your life, your journey, your daughter... All before plummeting towards the depths beneath with a scream. It rung out, bouncing off your husband's already ringing ears as he fought his previous nemesis.

Growling, the Kujo grit his teeth and threw his Stand at DIO, just for it to be knocked back, allowing him a moment to recover from the fighting prior.
"I honestly never thought you'd grow close to a woman, Jotaro," DIO cooed. "Clearly I overestimated you." The villains words were listened to but not heard, Jojo's heart simply screaming that he wanted out. It was like a superhero film, every take with a bad ending for him.

(there's a time skip here I realise I didn't make it obvious)

"Dad, get over here! Mom! Are you okay? Wake up!" She fell to her knees, gripping you tightly before noticing a dark scarlet coating her fingers. Jotaro was too far out of range, on the other side of the beach to hear her.
"M... Jolyne?" Mumbling, your vision was hazy as you looked up at your daughter. She lightly tapped your cheek and cradled you, arousing you from your check out.
"Yeah it's me, Mom... Of course it is.
You're gonna be alright." Smiling, you felt for her hand and she held it close. "Don't leave me, Please. Hold out, I'll find something to press on your stomach." Ripping her pants leg clean off, it was enough to soak up some of the blood.
"He hit me... So hard... I thought just that one... That..."
"It's not your fault. None of this is your fault. He's finished." Jolyne turned her head, screaming for her father who heard her this time and began to sprint over. Your eyelids were heavy, tiredness setting in.
"I'm gonna bleed to death, Babe... There's no saving me now... You won't blame Dad... Will you?"
"He's nearly here. Come on, Mom, we aren't doing this!"
"JoJo, don't be scared. You'll always be in my heart..." Gagging a little, you gargled before going in her arms.
"Don't leave me... Please.... Mom.... Mom!!!" Stopping in his tracks, he realised he was too late. The youngest JoJo placed you down gently, rising to her feet. "She's gone, Dad."
Jotaro knotted his eyebrows together in disbelief as knelt down towards the ground. His fingers ran up along your arm, his large, protective hand cuddling and squeezing you.
"I can't stop doing this," he wailed quietly through trembling lips. "Fighting a losing battle, facing off stand users..." Pouting his lips in thought, he shifted his arm to go into his jacket pocket, retrieving the locket Jolyne had returned to him. Features wobbling, he breathed your homely perfume, reminded immediately of your shared bedroom; your safe place. A tear fell from his face as he bent over to align himself near your head, plunging the arrow piece into your wrist. "Why didn't you stay away... From me..." he mumbled into your jowl, pressing a lingering kiss so he could take in the soft texture or your skin and familiarity of your aroma. He knew full well it wouldn't work. Why did his heart even let him try?
Growling, he tossed the jewellery into the ocean, an outburst his only way of getting emotion out.

The arrow floated away into emptiness, water rippling towards the shore and crawling up to the discarded locket on the surface. Jolyne placed her arms around her father's waist, joyful he accepted to comfort her like a real dad. Silence fell heavy on the beachfront, their solemn faces staring out towards the horizon. DIO finally took more from him than his own life, he took a life he'd sworn to protect.

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