REQUEST : Bruno Bucciarati : Proposal

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(artwork by me)

On the way home, you passed an independent jewellers, quality preceded by all the sparkling gems in the window. All colours, styles and gems were available, too.
"Oh my God, look!" Pointing to a small, classic diamond, it was beautiful and traditional, just like your boyfriend.
"Wow, that's beautiful," you exclaimed. "It's classic, not like those big gaudy things the girls wear these days." Smirking sympathetically at your eye roll, he swallowed to gain some courage, lifting his head up high. Pressing his fingers together, Bruno's throat was like the outback, but he croaked out something audible.
"So, is that the one you want, then?"
You spoke without thinking, taking moment or two to process his words.
"Sure, it's-- wait, what?" Clearing his throat, he blurted out the real question, which you knew was involuntary since it was in his own language.
"Vuoi sposarmi?" Moments passed, leaving you a small pocket of time to translate and digest. You gasped and widened your eyes, body stiffening as tears welled up. The capo slowly wilted, attempting to save his rejection coolly. "Ahem, seems I had something in my throat--"
"No, Bruno," you interrupted, in closer quarters than before. "Don't be stupid. Of course I'll marry you." Flinging your arms round his neck, he found himself in a clinch with you outside of the shop. He hadn't even measured or bought the ring yet!
Leading you inside, you could barely stand as they measured your finger for size and style, exclaiming that the design in the window was perfect for your hand. Shakily taking the silver band, Bruno's sweaty palms guided your finger into the ring, sliding it on gently. You leapt onto him, smooching him within an inch of his life. The pair of you barely made it through the front door before you were delayering one another of your clothing, celebrating the start of your new life together.

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