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KNB: One-Shots by EmpressSei
KNB: One-Shotsby ♕
Kuroko No Basket One-shots! Cute, short, and sweet for your needs for handsome basketball boys. This is a variety of Kuroko No Basket characters x reader, so you! I apol...
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JJBA x Readers by ReaderInsRequestKing
JJBA x Readersby ReaderInsRequestKing
SPOILER WARNINGS THROUGHOUT, THEY WILL BE CLEARLY LABELED Ya'll motherfuckers need Dio Love Jojo, pretty much watched up to GW, read up to BT, so if anybody wants a req...
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✦ DIU! JOTARO KUJO X READER ✦ Bloom. Bloom my innocent daughter. Grow into your absolute nature, your radiance. Let those around you feel at ease. At peace. Your exist...
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What If Kurobas Is Your Family? by ChelKatsumi_
What If Kurobas Is Your Family?by チェル
Apa jadinya kalau keluargamu itu adalah character dari Kuroko No Basuke? Simak sadjah lha ya :3 /ditampol Kuroko No Basuke © Fujimaki Tadoshi Chel hanya pinjam charanya...
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Girl Problems [Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction || NijiAka] by BlattMaster
Girl Problems [Kuroko no Basuke Blank Book
What if a certain redhead in the Teikou Basketball team turns into a "she"? Let's see how will that certain redhead deal with certain girl problems...
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The Doll Maker: Hear my Plea. by TsuchiyaReisa
The Doll Maker: Hear my Reisa-Tsuchiya
A young boy got his life taken away, leaving his parents with the life size doll that looks exactly like him as their only remembrance. Years later, The students of teik...
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Night Hunters by KiritoriKazuto
Night Huntersby KiritoriKazuto
Whilst on the run from the Royal Guard, the rebel group Seirin was then saved by former Royal Guard member, Kuroko Tamaki, who had also been a part of the group of five...
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Kuroko no IDOL by tsuki90
Kuroko no IDOLby Tanvi K
We identify them as cool, powerful, and sometimes hilarious basketball players (at least most of us do), but what if they were something different? Like, Idols?
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𝐈𝐋 𝐌𝐈𝐎 𝐃𝐈𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐎 𝐁𝐑𝐎𝐒 by -OkuyasuNijimura
𝐈𝐋 𝐌𝐈𝐎 𝐃𝐈𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐎 𝐁𝐑𝐎𝐒by 虹村億泰 | Okuyasu
Ooooi! Questo è il mio diario uwu
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Knb X Reader by ivanaaberdeen
Knb X Readerby ivanaaberdeen
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Morioh Falls by VladNorris
Morioh Fallsby VladNorris
After the Pines Family saved Gravity Falls, the two uncle twins find a dimensional anomaly that may lead them to something stranger than Weirdmaggedon itself. Meanwhile...
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Similar (Haizaki Shogo x OC) by Aoi_chii
Similar (Haizaki Shogo x OC)by Aoi-chii
Nishijima Kasumi is a second year student studying at Fukuda Sōgo Academy. She decided to focus on her studies, now that she's in high school since she did badly when sh...
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Jjba x Reader (Diamond is Unbreakable) by GinTurkey
Jjba x Reader (Diamond is Lozer_Mcgee
You have lived in a small town called Morioh for your whole life, it was always a strange town in your opinion. In 1999 you begun your first year of high school only to...
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Redoubtable Captain (Kuroko no Basuke : Nijimura Shuzo) by Levee_Ayzis
Redoubtable Captain (Kuroko no Lionelle
He was strong, stronger than others. Physically and mentally, he was a natural leader. The one who raised Generation of Miracles as their first captain. Having undergone...
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A Different Kind of Game [Kuroko no Basuke - Various x Reader] by BlattMaster
A Different Kind of Game [Kuroko Blank Book
What if they play a game? A different kind of game.... the infamous game called "Love" --------------- Basically just a oneshot collection with these adorable...
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Kuroko no basuke One-shots (DISCONTINUED) by Yoshikaya999
Kuroko no basuke One-shots ( Jessica
Just felt like I had write (currently taking requests right now )... feel free to request ... the conditions are : ◆I'm a bad writter and I take my time to write your re...
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Raindrops (Kuroko no Basket fanfiction series!!!!) by DancingLeaf16
Raindrops (Kuroko no Basket DancingLeaf16
"Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain but you can't have a rainbow without a little pain" The times when the generation of miracles were growing were...
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[Discontinued]KnB x Reader OneShots  by melodiesnow
[Discontinued]KnB x Reader mello says hello!
Hello there! :) Writing x Reader Oneshots with characters from Kuroko no Basket! :) Feel free to check out all oneshots and request anything in the comments of the first...
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KnB: Lost in the Night by gekokujougirl
KnB: Lost in the Nightby Yuu Kaji
Mythical (more like, Yokai/Monsters AU) KnB boys x Reader Nijimura Shuuzo - Original Pure-blood Vampire Akashi Seiijurou - (unknown) Midorima Shintarou - (unknown)...
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Keicho Nijimura X Reader (that will never be finished) by Brolyfangirl2
Keicho Nijimura X Reader (that Meaghan
It's something I guess. I don't think I'll ever finish this one.... but... just enjoy it while it's there. XD (don't be afraid to criticize, cause it's been years sense...
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