Jotaro Kujo : "You've Made Yourself Clear" Part 3

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There is literally 11 pages in a draft for this story, I've thought so much about the fights and other stuff so I think this might even end up getting it's own book tbh.

Very soon La Squadra is going to join and I've even written for Cioccolata and Secco later on too, so I'm super excited to continue this. I don't know why I made Pol a bit of a voyeur tho pmsl.

Also, I realise I haven't mentioned, but there are spoilers in these for Part 5, so if you don't want to get spoiled, I advise you don't read them in case.

Anyway, here's another part. I love you guys, thank you for all your comments and interest, I can't express how happy it makes me. <3

For some reason, the Foundation had sent you to Venice on behalf of another company, 'Polnareffland'. It was a private investigation company you honestly hadn't heard of before, but supposedly there was a ball tonight at the Napoleonic wing; where a man of interest was supposed to be, 6"5 and clad in monochrome. Your instructions were simple; to deliver a letter and have him open it upon receiving it.

Your hotel room was a five star in beauty, it's Venetian blinds and airy bedsheets beneath the high ceiling epically aesthetically pleasing, but... Without Jotaro, it was lonely. He would have moaned at you for being so captivated by the architecture, complaining he was the 'pack-mule' and waiting up until late to work on the case... The thought of him made you cringe, a knot forming in your stomach. Maybe you had been a little harsh back in Naples. Unlocking your phone, you dialled his number, thumb hovering over the call button before reclining back onto the bed and leaving the handset on the sheets.
No. Jotaro was stupid. However, whether he was stupid for bringing you along or stupid for his refusal to chase you, you had yet to decide. 

Sighing, you opened the armoire opposite the bed, gasping at the sight of your costume. It was a ruby red, silk bodice outlined in delicate white netting with some black pants and a small skirt to complete the look beneath a huge, detatchable ballgown skirt. The bodice had three lines of bows beneath what you assumed would create a strong cleavage. Puffed sleeves with more lace and even beads coming off them made the outfit just as extra, white gloves peeking from out the sleeves. You were going to be wearing a massive hat with two plush feathers sticking out the top, securing a full kabuki style mask in place.
Another sigh escaped your mouth, the armoire doors clicking shut as you left the room to take a shower, preparing for your mission. Preparing for your life without Jotaro.

Another hotel in the vicinity, provided in top time by the foundation, was checked into by Jotaro and Koichi. Making their way upstairs to the room where two single beds were lying in wait, two male costumes were placed beside one another across the duvets. Confused, the taller man paused in the doorway, considering what he was seeing. When they said it was a masquerade, he thought that was just a posh name for the party, not an actual masked ball!
Koichi however, showing his effervescent tendencies due to his youth, bounced straight to the clothes, admiring the beautiful masks lined with golden thread and covered in ornate patterns down long, pointed beak noses. The younger man's costume was royal blue, silk lining making his velvet waistcoat look smart over the snow white dress shirt. The shirt's cuffs looked as though they would drown his small hands, hiding the cream gloves. His cape had a high collar, azure on the underside and pale on the outside, so long it would probably right down to his calves because of his height. Beneath the top half of his outfit lay sea blue trousers, pooling at the bottom and ready to tuck into mid-calf, black booties. The Foundation had pulled out all the stops, including a feathered hat, night sky in colour and pointing forward as he wore it. The getup including the mask would cover his entire identity, sans his jawline. Plus, the feathers would add a little height to his tiny frame. Gasping, the high-schooler spoke highly of the choice, admiring its fine quality and attention to detail. Jotaro barely heard his racket, mind clouded with thoughts of how this was even possible in the first place. His outfit consisted of a snow-white waistcoat encrusted in golden thread over a dark shirt, high-waisted pants hugging his legs inside knee-length boots and a dark hat which matched his cape, aside from the golden feather sticking out. Other details included noir velvet gloves and a golden belt buckle, glimmering already under the hotel lighting. His mind was brought back to reality when his phone began to vibrate in his pocket against his leg. Blinking, he took it out to look at it, Polnareff's name flashing beneath a picture of their group in Egypt.
"One moment, Koichi."
"Alright, Mr Jotaro! I'm gonna go and take a shower while you're on the phone."
"Yeah," the stoic replied, answering it. "Polnareff, long time no see."
"Bonjour, I was told you were in Italy from the Speedwagon Foundation. It just so happens I'm based in Rome these days." Smiling, Jotaro shook his head with a sigh. Of course Polnareff found out 'through the foundation'.
"I'd love to hang out but I've got some work to do. There's actually a masquerade ball tonight, they're making me dress up and everything," Kujo joked. "Listen, I gotta go. Hopefully I can wrap up what I need in the next few days and we can meet up." Chuckling, his old friend addressed him over the phone.
"It's nice to hear from you, y'know, since it's been almost ten years. The last time I saw you was when you got married."
"Yeah," he mumbled, thinking about you for a split second. "It certainly is..."

Ending the call, the incapacitated Frenchman rested on his hand, praying that his cheeky little scheme would work. He had been following team Bucciarati on the internet for some time now, stalking their journey towards the Boss. Through the use of laptop, CCTV and mobile phone cameras, Polnareff was able to track the group and inevitably overheard the commotion between you and Jotaro on the hotel CCTV. It had been a surprising fate, Joestar blood being mixed up in all of this, but it was a fate Jean-Pierre was happy to accept; the chance of being able to fight alongside Jotaro once again.

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