Noriaki Kakyoin : Cold Snap

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AU where Kakyoin didn't die and continued fighting and shit (bitches love that AU)

Also, the picture is by me, hopefully I'll get round to filling this book with them

"Jesus, it's f-fucking freez-zing... Nori!!!" Plapping your wet feet on the ice-cold linoleum floor, slight puddles crept behind you in your search for your boyfriend. There was no tell-tale rapid tapping of plastic controller keys or clanging of pots around the kitchen. Only an off-white towel wrapped around your frame, stinging goosebumps raised up like scales across your pale skin. You had only decided to go and check he had actually switched the hot water on, since the shower had almost turned you into a snowman, yet you wished you had picked a better clothing choice in the tundra-like flat. Your voice echoed throughout your apartment, hitching in between stuttered words as your entire body shuddered beneath heavy, soaking locks. "Noriaki...?"
Grumbling, you opened the door to the airing cupboard, peeking inside. A spider or two scattered from it, causing you to jump back and squeal a little. Once you had regained strength, you flicked the switch up, then down again, and repeated this three times. The red light didn't show either time, which led you to believe there was a problem with the boiler. The note pushed under your door confirmed this, a drawn-out sigh leaving your lips, steam exiting your mouth from the sheer chill as you read it.
The boiler was only out in the middle of fucking December, wasn't it? To make things worse, Kakyoin didn't appear to be anywhere, so he couldn't even try and sort out some hot water for you. You didn't get on so well with the apartment complex repairmen, so your boyfriend often handled that aspect for you.
Shuffling and shuddering back to middle of the living room, a click in the door alerted you. Bundled in scarves, woollen jumpers and a coat, the Japanese man called out to you as he shut the door, not even expecting you to be awake. He almost dropped the grocery bag in shock at the state of you. Caught like a rabbit in headlights, you simply remained stood where you were, staring over your shoulder at him, stiff in the doorway. Realising he was just staring at your pale skin, shivering in the short towel and dripping water onto the hard wood floor. Kakyoin sprang into action, dropping the carrier bag down onto the nearest surface before running to your aid.
"W-What are you doing?!" His voice leaked concern, still husky from the extreme weather outside. Pulling each arm out of his large, black wool coat, it was draped over your shoulders without delay. Standing at 5"10, the redhead towered over you, so the coat's hem was close to your ankles. His beautiful, violet eyes were surveying you sympathetically, as he pulled the lapels of the coat to drag you closer, tying his arms around you for extra warmth. Flatly laying your chin on his chest, you took in his musky scent, shutting your eyes contently as the promise of safety engulfed your mind. "There's a problem with the heating but... I guess you already discovered that." Smiling softly, he chuckled a little, stroking a large hand over your forehead, back along your wet tresses.
"I'm sorry." The taller man replied, whispering in a low tone. "You should get something warm on."
"Hmm, I kinda like your coat, though..." Averting his eyes from yours for a moment, he began his explanation for his disappearance.
"Well, I only left you snuggled in bed because you looked comfy. I hoped that I would be back in time from the grocery store too, to tell you about the boiler before you went for a shower but; I guess you woke up early today." The loving gaze in your eyes reminded him what a priceless gem he had found in this world of shit and Dio. Retrieving his arms, he spun you round, pushing you into your bedroom. "Anyway, you need to get yourself dry, you're like a block of ice!" Leaning over a little so that your cheeks touched, he lowered his voice to a sweet-talking tone again. "I don't want you freezing up on me, do I?"

Watching blissfully as you hung his coat up on the door hook, you caught the slight, sweet smirk beneath Kakyoin's crimson bang. It was domesticity like this which he never thought he would experience with anybody, never mind with a human. Whilst he appeared human, he in fact harboured a great deal of power, as well as a Stand, which was like a super human form. You knew there was something about him, which you supposed was just his will to protect you, but little did you know it was the energy coming through from his Stand. Whilst you did not possess such ability, the fact you could feel it meant a lot to your Japanese counterpart. You made him feel calm and contented, even when things were going completely wrong in his world. Witnessing your heated, but small rant about the boiler gave him faith that the challenges you had to face as a human were nothing compared to the challenges he had to face as a Stand User, and a Stardust Crusader. He had to face death several times every day, simply because he was able to summon a special power, which humans couldn't even see. He often wondered what your stand would be if you were to acquire one, but abruptly remembered you were only a human and therefore a weaker being than he was. You had been freezing while he was away, trying to take a shower! What if he hadn't have returned in time! You might have frozen to death! Scenarios flew wildly in his head, springing ideas he hadn't even considered ever.

"Hey, Kakyoin." He woke up to the dramatic waving in his peripheral vision, his dreamy face snapping out of commission.
"Pardon?" Shifty thoughts occupied your mind, a half lidded, lusty look on your features. Folding your arms across a woollen top, it caused your lover to immediately feel questionable about your expression, leaning back against the wardrobe with a smirk. "What?"
"You were just mumbling to yourself in Japanese. You only do that when you're being broody- what is it?" Scoffing playfully, he swung away from the wall, transitioning into a slight strut across the room to where you were stood.
"I was just thinking about cold you must be without your pants on!" He dove for the duvet off the bed, wrapping you up in it following a fit of giggles. Rolling all over on the mattress, you finally settled with him lay on top of you, also rolled up in the blanket. Tying your legs around his tiny waist, he sighed as you melted into his body, kissing his jaw. Kakyoin's cold hands wandered up your thighs, toying with the waist band of your knickers before he smirked and kissed your lips. "Get something on, I'll make us some tea."

Though hesitant, you had to agree. Maybe you could coax something out of him later when the boiler was fixed.

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