DIO : Sleep Tight

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There was a chance DIO would legit come back, come on. I wish Jonathan had come back with a fucking lobster body or something. 

Anyway, always this boy. Another Venom rip off haha

You couldn't believe they'd sent you. Summoned to Jotaro's workplace to negotiate a possible business deal was supposed to have been a joke. Your boss had found it amusing that you were in a relationship with the marine biologist as it was, but meeting with his boss was even funnier, so it seemed. Jotaro was a marine biologist, experimenting behind the scenes at a local Sea World whilst you worked for a top secret affairs branch of an information gathering agency, who had worked with the Foundation before. It wasn't unusual for you to visit buildings to survey them. Swallowing as you entered the room, you were unnerved by the icy nip in the air of the CEO's office. Everything was neatly placed, clean and basic like offices in the movies.
"Ahh, Mrs Kujo. It's absolutely; transcendent to meet you." Clearing your throat, you extended your hand to him, his supple skin like ice against your palms. The sensation caused you to jump, much to his amusement.
"Good morning, Mr Naughtileos," you began, unsure whether the Arctic temperature in the room or the auburn flame of his eyes was the thing out of place here. "Please, call me Y/N. My husband has told me so much about you."

You honestly didn't expect the man your husband spoke highly of to look like this. This man was tall and built like a brick shithouse, high necked collar touching the bottom of his jaw and making his head look too small for his body. Golden strands of hair were smartly combed behind his ears, dangling as far down as his shoulder blades. Eyebrows of jet black were positioned almost perfectly at a 45° angle, which you assumed were just remnants of a rich man's Botox habit, not a supernatural change. Pristine skin clung to his statuesque body like cling film, his smile lapping you up as you lowered your frame onto the chair opposite with as much grace as you could manage. His posture was natural, yet unnatural, calmness washing over you despite unease ruling your entire being. You felt as though you had seen him from somewhere before but put it down to your husband talking about his work whenever you actually spoke. Of course, this topic arose.
"Your husband doesn't talk much."
The statement briefly pulled you from your examination of the three marks lining his ear lobe above a hoop earring. You felt drawn to them, like they had some weird aura dragging you in.
"No, he doesn't."
"Is there something outside that bothers you?" Forcing your eyes not to squint, you shook your head and regained eye contact.
"Um, no... I just noticed that you have the curtains drawn." Simpering, he merely chuckled.
"The outside world is a distraction, as you have just experienced."
"Yeah, sorry..."
"Please, don't be sorry, my Dear. You spend so much time out there it's only natural you would wish to go back."
Though you didn't quite understand what he meant, you absent-mindedly nodded, eyes connecting with that same mark again.
"I heard you wanted a... Um... A glass tank; says here it's for an undisclosed marine animal, so I'm assuming you're gonna need reinforced glass."

You were led through an airlocked door upon his agreement, trailing through a series of steel corridors outlined by laboratories and huge glass windows. Looking round, some of the sights were horrible. Gruesome, deformed fish, different body parts and even empty glass cages with notes on them in days. You never imagined this was why Jotaro couldn't tell you about his experiments, you thought he adored marine life. Pried from what was going on around you, you were directed to a similar glass cage, only this time filled with some water. Above it appeared to be a dry spot, making it a sort of hybrid enclosure for animals such as penguins. Opposite was a human, slumped against the glass with a fearful expression.
"Does she scare you, my love?"

You weren't entirely sure how he ended up behind you so fast, but his slender fingers wrapping themselves in your hair was creepy on its own without his velvet voice whispering in your ear. Knees buckling a little, you faltered, finding the courage to speak.
"It's nothing to be afraid of," he promised, strutting towards the transparent box. "This person here was targeted by that detestable husband of yours." You swallowed, the sound carrying through his ears like sound bouncing off the walls of an empty room.
"Jotaro wouldn't do such a thing."
"You don't have to lie to me, Y/N... An inheritance dispute, did he call it?" Flicking your eyes up to meet his, the reaction was all too expected from a human. "Sure, I know." A hand slowly moved upwards to feel your chest as you bit your lip. "There's a lot I know about Jotaro Kujo." You had been told not to speak of such things, despite not knowing why it was so bad to talk about. It was certainly a personal issue, but nothing unsafe as far as you were concerned. If only you knew about the horrors of Morioh at present without this creep putting ideas in your head.
"Alright, who are you? I know for a fact you aren't his boss, so?"
"Oh, my dear, naïve Y/N—" Whipping a pistol from your back and pointing it at him, he was given three seconds to answer your question." I don't understand why he does these things to you since you're such a beautiful creature." Looking at both of his eyes in turn, you squinted, assessing the weirdness of the situation. "I realise I'm prying but, it just... Hurts me so much to merely watch as Jotaro slowly destroys you..."
Betrayal shouldn't have been setting in so much, but it was. The man merely tutted as he watched your finger swipe your silver wedding band whilst you realigned your weapon with his forehead. "You want to believe me, don't you, Y/N?" He was almost right, you didn't want to believe him, you just did. There was something about this man, who was quite obviously not Jotaro's boss, something about the terrible things he was saying, they were just so believable.
"You have one last chance to tell me who you are before I blow your brains out."
As the vampire opened his mouth, the victimised woman began to moan through the glass, weak and in pain. Doubling over, a navy-black goo came from her mouth, vicious vomiting causing you to draw back in horror. Dropping to the floor, the goop moved round again, seeking out its next host. "What have you done to her?"
"Poor thing... Utterly useless. But you, Y/N... You're special." Approaching you, every step he took forward, you took two back and shot a silvery bullet into his head. Eventually being cornered against the glass, all the bullets you had just seemed to dent his skin, his body temperature so cold it made his breath like steam. Dropping the weapon in a panic, it clanged against the ground.
"I don't understand; you were killed in Egypt ten years ago--!" Your mouth hung agape in a stammer. Why had you allowed yourself to say that? Suddenly, the man flew towards you, inches away from your face, mesmerising glare quite possibly stopping your bodily functions. After a few seconds, he excused himself, going so far as to stroke a hand down your cheek then grip you by the neck. You froze, waiting.
"I don't enjoy repeating myself." Palms over his wrists, you tried to push them away but it was no use, he was too strong against your arms. You couldn't admit it, but it was the absolute need to submit to this man despite knowing all the horrendous acts he had committed. Sure, you and Jotaro had killed people, but not in cold blood. Tightening his grasp, you were beginning to feel yourself fighting for breath in your lungs, the organ pulsing for more air in your chest. DIO took in your little human face, adamant you didn't need oxygen. His eyelids sunk down a little, smirk curling tighter when you began to go a funny colour. "So sleep peacefully, my love. You're going to need the rest."

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