Bruno Bucciarati : Family Holiday

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Paolo Bucciarati - 10 years old, named after his grandfather
Renata and Romano Bucciarati - 8 years old, "semi - identical twins" , girl and boy (thanks sylphelle for my golden/learning experience)
Rosabella Bucciarati - 3 years old, the original pos naughty kid™
Tino Bucciarati - Around a year old

Some things will become apparent in other stories, because I stupidly finished a later one lmao. 😂😂

This is going to be a two parter though :)

Slathering suncream up your oldest children's arms and legs, you sent them to frolic in the pool with their grandfather so you and your husband, Bruno Bucciarati, could assist the younger two with their protection. Ten year-old Paolo and his siblings, the eight year old twins Romano and Renata, were mature enough to play safely without constant supervision. However, three year-old Rosabella was a little madam, with her mother's attitude. Squirming in her father's grip, he chuckled every time she pulled away, desperate to join in her siblings in the pool. Bruno was sat beside your legs, sideways on the sun lounger whilst your mother in law sat opposite on another.
"Rosabella Bucciarati," you began to scold, bouncing the bubbly baby Tino on your stomach, babbling happily whilst he watched Bruno's mother blow up his inflatable chair. "Stay still whilst Papa's putting your cream on." Before she could answer back, her father's strong arms enveloped her, picking her up and blowing raspberries on her tummy to make her squeal and giggle. Handing your peppy baby over to Nonna Bucciarati, you tickled his plumpness before he was swept away from you, along with your youngest girl, to play with their brothers and sisters. Perching on the edge of the lounger, he only had eyes for his beautiful family, watching them with a smile.
"Nonno, Nonno, blow up the ball!" Renata shouted, her identical twin joining in on alternative shouts. Sighing contently, you smiled affably from your seat, listening to your husband's subconscious murmurs. Taking his hand in your own, he turned to you momentarily, a faint smile surfacing when you sat up. Swinging your legs over and dangling them beside his to snuggle into his armpit, the stand user reciprocated when you forcibly wound his arm around you.
Bruno didn't always get on with his parents and you could tell he missed his father dearly during his quiet moments, but the five children adored going on holiday with them, bringing you all closer together. Leaning closer into him, he draped his arm more comfortably over your elbow, bringing your other hand up to his mouth to kiss it lightly.
"You're not about to tell me you can't swim are you, Bruno?" He grinned in amusement, sighing. "I might not be able to save you with the kiss of life if you drown, y'know."
"I'm just so grateful for our happy family; I never thought I would have one."
"Well, I wouldn't have picked anybody else." There were times when, he wondered if you should have picked somebody else. A less flighty, less dangerous sort of man. "You're my home, remember?" But then, you would quote something he said when he was twenty and it would mend the hole in his heart.
How embarrassing.
Leaving a lasting kiss on your lips before withdrawing to take on his dad duties, he replied with your line.
"And, you're mine."

An hour flew by and the beach ball was tossed all over the pool, other families joining in for games of polo and catch. Tino was passed around the pool like a parcel, enjoying his paddle with both his father and grandparents. Occasionally, Bruno would lift him right up to intersect the beach ball, allowing him to play catch with them, much to the infant's delight. Squealing and kicking with a toothless beam, the display entertained the other mothers around the pool, swooning over your handsome husband.
Soon, Bruno's mother became tired and opted to take Tino for nap back in the hotel room after his lunchtime sippy cup. Taking this as a cue to buy some drinks and snacks, you called over your family to take a break, food on the glass table. Since Rosabella was only three, she needed some help opening up her crisps and nominated you for the assistance. You lifted her up onto the lounger beside you, stroking her soaking wet strands of hair back out of her face to reveal the eyes she inherited from you.
"You look just like Papa," you told her as she continued to eat, more interested in her food than your lovey-dovey words.
"Mama, Renata looks just like you," Romano added, causing a slight blush over your cheeks.
"That means you do too, you're my twin!" The doting dad laughed at his statement, taking long, hard looks at each of his family members. He loved each and every single one of them and felt truly blessed he had a chance to live such a life after almost losing half his team in the old mafia days.
"You all resemble your mother. Inside and out," he teased, playfully poking your ribs.
Twenty minutes was spent filling up on snacks and hydrating, leaving you and Bruno to clean up the wrappings and collect glasses since his step-father was watching them back at the pool.

Satisfied your space was clear, you walked to the poolside with Sticky Fingers' user, the capo eyeing you from his height and smirking darkly as he caught your attention. Noticing this, you folded your arms across your torso with a simper, enquiring as to why he was staring.
"You're just so beautiful, even now."
Such honeyed words made your cheeks burn a rose pink. He was so romantic, even these days.
"Oh, be quiet." Suddenly, your thigh was gripped in one hand and your wrist in the other.
"So, you should bring that beautiful body and play volleyball."
"Oh, Bruno, please don't. It's cold!"
"It's not that bad, Tesoro, come on," he tormented, giggles and cries coming from your mouth as the built Italian struggled against you to lift you up in the safest possible way. "You'll be alright once you get in!" He was quick, switching sides to trick you and migrating a hand to your ass cheek to slide down to your other thigh, keeping tight hold of your flesh. Bruno jumped into the water, still holding onto you as you were laughing and trying to pull away from his death grip up top. Letting out a huge squeal, you clutched onto one of his biceps for dear life as he desperately tried to pull you in without hurting you.
Of course, the kids cheered as he finally won you over, the splash drowning half of the poolside. Coming up in shock you shuddered, splashing him and shaking off the excess water in your hair. Paolo found it hilarious, high fiving his father for getting you in the pool to play. Pointing at him, you showed your game face.
"Oh, you're on now, Papa!"

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