Bruno Bucciarati : You Are My Home

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AU, Bruno returns actually living after defeating the boss. Also, two weeks because they can't have done all that in a week what the hell

It was dim, exactly five in the morning according to the station clock. Taking a deep breath, Bucciarati noticed a missing person poster with his name on it, dated for the day he left Naples. The sentiment made him smile as he ripped it down, but he supposed he should have at least said something. He had been officially missing for two weeks, but his team and he had overthrown the corrupt boss and could finally get drugs off the streets!

Finally reaching the house, he zipped through the front door, stepping over all sorts of trash on the floor. It was like this place hadn't been cleaned up in weeks!
"You're a real cunt, y'know. Breaking into my house when—"
Stopping and spinning, if it wasn't for Sticky Fingers he would have been subject to a hard object in the face, wielded by a woman in one of Bruno's shirts and pyjama shorts. Hiding his face with one hand, your eyes blew up in severe shock, turning pale and dropping the pan with a massive clang.
"It- It's okay, Y/N. It's just me."
Taking a step backwards, he took one forwards, trying to console you so you didn't scream. Instead, you continued to back away, falling over the pan and backwards into the door, it's hand jabbing right into your ribs. Your man had tried to steady you, instead going down with you and bashing his already scratched up nose on the door. Hissing in pain, he held his nose. "B-B-Fuck, I'm so sorry, I-I didn't think it was you, I- You- Wouldn't come home-!" You stammered, sucking in a huge breath and flinging your arms around his neck. "I'm so glad you've come home." Gripping your body tightly, he buried his face in your shoulder, allowing a moment to remind himself of your homely scent through soft sobs. He stroked your hair, kissing your head and cuddling you within an inch of your life.
"Of course I was going to," he whispered, clinging tighter than before. "You are my home." He grimaced through a smile, tears falling down his cheeks and down your neck.
"I'm sorry if I frightened you. I won't be doing that ever again."

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