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I hope everyone is good 😍 it got brought to my attention I wasnt labeling spoilers in my work, and I honestly didn't even think about it!!
Thank you so much for pointing this out, I didn't realise it was affecting people. I've gone through and labeled each story so if anybody notices a wrong label please let me know and I will change it 😍

However, I do want to remind readers that when you read fanfiction you do so at your own risk, because if there's not content, (in this case the stories in the series) there's nothing to write about! So you're bound to be around spoilers all the time. I will not just "avoid spoilers" because it's difficult to write about a show and completely avoid all spoilers, especially for Jotaro, who is a recurring theme in this book.

Stay gucci guys, and I hope my warnings suffice along with this notice. 😍💖🍒

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