Noriaki Kakyoin : Time After Time, Part 6

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Sorry this is taking so long to update, have some cuteness.

"I was just wondering if Nana was up," he said clearly, deciding to keep the worries to himself. Noriaki was going to show his daughter what to do. No way was Nana going to have a lonely childhood like he did, all because of something she was born with.

"Dad, where are we going?" Pulling her along through the park, her small hand gripped tightly on his sleeve trying to keep up with the speed. It was cold outside, autumn paints scattered shades of orange and gold across the kid's vision. Crunching leaves sounded like small monsters eating the dry clothing of the trees. "I thought you said we were getting milkshake, the milkshake parlour's back there."
"We're getting milkshake Darling, there's just someone important we have to meet first."
"Hey," a low voice greeted, stoic in it's demeanour.
"Uncle Jotaro!" The former Crusader accepted a hug from his best friend's child, a smile forming as he lifted her up to his great height with ease.
"You're so big now. Are you strong like your Dad though?" He pretended to punch her, tickling her with Star Platinum and repeating his trademark 'ora!' as he did it to send her into fits of giggles before placing her back on her feet.
"You came all the way from America to get milkshake with us?"
"Something like that, Half Pint. Dad told me something happened at school, you wanna tell me about it?" Taking her small hand in his, it practically drowned it compared to Kakyoin's more feminine hands as they retraced their steps back through the tunnels of forest and greenery of the park.
"There was a ghost but my teacher couldn't see it," she said, looking distant. "Dad told me it was a Stand, like in the stories: Is that true Uncle Jotaro?"
"Anything is possible if you want it to be. But yeah, you have a Stand, like Dad. Me too."
Nana's eyes widened in awe as he materialised Star Platinum for her to see clearly, his sparkling form standing taller than Jotaro. Falling to his knees, the violet giant extending his hand to her, taking it for a moment and disappearing. "Nana, only some people have these powers. Humans can't see them, like your teachers. We just need to teach you how to control it, it's easy when you know how."
"That still doesn't explain why Y/N can't see it though, Jotaro."
"What? She saw them just fine in Egypt." Turning to look at Noriaki's oldest, he grimaced a little. "Mustn't want to show itself. Hamon's only good for some things."

The milkshake parlour was packed, the two men struggling to find a table in the commotion. Being presented the menu, Nana was asked what she was having, however she was silent.
"You can have whatever you want, my treat," Kujo reminded. Looking up to find out why she wasn't answering and finding her fox-tailed friend sat beside him at the table. "Oh, sorry. Would you like a milkshake too?" he asked politely, content when the anthro-being nodded gratefully. "Have you tried speaking to it, Nana?"
"I- I don't want to. It might be evil."
"Sweetheart, I promise you it won't hurt you," Noriaki affirmed his daughter. "Go on, ask it."
"Do I have to, Dad?"
"Yes, or else you may never get another chance."
"Wh-Who are you?"
"I am you, Nana." It's voice scared the life out of the two grown men, deep and robotic. Yelling, both coughed to mask their fright. "I will always be here when you need me." Fading away, Jotaro leant over the table, begging her to call it back.
"I've just bought it a damn milkshake! Come on!"
"I can't, I'm sorry Uncle Jotaro..." she whimpered. Tearing up, Nana hid her face in her father's jumper, clutching it for comfort. The redhead peered down, sighing and stroking her hair back.
"It's alright, Dear. You tried your best, I'm proud of you." A server brought over four milkshakes, covered in cream and sweets. Noriaki took a straw in between his fingers and pierced her cream with it so she could drink. "Drink your milkshake, Love."

The drinks were sipped on in silence, the child unable to shake off her feelings of uselessness.

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