Jotaro Kujo : Before I Go To Bed

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You had tried sitting up for him, but he was still at work as usual. His dinner was cold now, still lay on the table for if he decided he wanted it when he got in. The clock said 00:56, telling you it was time to give in and go to bed. Setting aside the telly remotes and cushions, exhaustion was preventing you from dragging your body to its proper resting place. Lying your head down where you were, the sofa was as comfortable as anything at this point. It was understandable why his wife had enough and divorced him. His daughter, Jolyne often stayed with you both to give her mother a break and allow her time with her father. The young girl was only five, the divorce had impacted her hard you could tell, even if it was a year ago. Finally, a key twisted in the door. Jotaro was home, but you weren't moving from your spot on the sofa now. He could go to bed alone. A low sigh welcomed him into his house, locking the door and stripping his coat and hat off immediately. Rough hands ran through his dark locks, windswept due to the journey back from the car. Leaving his trousers somewhere in the hallway, Jotaro was completely decimated by work. He barely had enough energy to switch on lights, shuffling through the house in his socks. Entering the living room, something collapsed on top of you, then hit the floor, a yelp startling it so badly Star Platinum flew out, flicking the lamp switch to illuminate the threat. Two familiar eyes stared up at the Stand, eliminating the need for protection almost immediately.
"Oh, Y/N," the marine biologist rubbed his back, aching a little from the knock on the floor. "Didn't see you there."
"I don't think you saw anything." Why were you still awake? It was so late!
"Why are you still up?"
"I was waiting up for you, but I got tired and couldnt be bothered going to bed." You swore a small smile crept up on his lips, as he blinked tiredly, standing up and extending a hand out to you.
"Come to bed."
Taking his hand, it was pulled down towards you, leaving him awkwardly pressed against you on the sofa.
"No. Sleep here." When he sighed, it wasn't even an annoyed sigh. It seemed content. He shuffled into a position comfortable enough, sitting so you could lie half on his lap. Grabbing a fistful of his hair gently, he allowed you to tenderly kiss his lips goodnight, holding it for a few moments before smirking and planting another. Within seconds you were asleep, smooth legs draped over his thigh. You looked so cute, all curled up, obviously feeling safe in his presence. He wrapped an arm round your leg, cold fingertips smoothing over your warm skin. Maybe he could get used to this, coming in late to such an adorable person waiting up late for him. Pressing his mouth to your shoulder, you were just light enough in slumber to hear him whisper goodnight, resting his body on top of yours with his legs interlocked between your own.

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