:: RULES ::

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Just some quick rules and points about my JOJO book 📖


💎 Comment whatever you want, as long as you aren't being a complete dick
💎 Requests are awesome! However, please take into consideration I'm not very organised, so there can often be a huge wait which I apologise for
💎 When requesting, please be as specific as you like, but do be warned that if you aren't specific enough I may choose the topic or if you're too specific/cram a lot it may take even longer or be spread over several stories. Please try to specify if you want SFW or NSFW
💎 I will write about most things, but underage (15-) is an absolute nono for smut or romance, the age of consent in the UK is 16 and I will use that. Underage characters WILL ALWAYS be aged up to 16+ unless the story warrants otherwise
💎 I will write soft non-con, as in where the reader/character is in no immediate danger and is not being forced against their will. I will absolutely not write about rape fetish. There's possibly an exclusion somewhere in this book where it is alluded to that DIO forced the reader, but that is only because canoncially he did manipulate characters into taking care of his sexual needs and it was not directly written about /described
💎 I will write light blood play, I will not write about deep cutting or biting for sexual gratification
💎 I will write about challenging /taboo subjects, including but not limited to killing, mental illness, suicide, adultery, death, birth & miscarriage, religion, cults, paranormal, disabilities, but all with respect to the people who do go through any of the tragedies listed and with extensive research. I often put a lot of research into my works, whether that be about places, characters, topics or the things listed but you must remember this is fantasy. I do not condone any choice things I may write about for literary enjoyment. Just because Jotaro sent a schoolboy to spy on someone even younger does not mean you should too, (it sounds stupid, but some people lack common sense)
💎 I will not write certain fetishes/kinks/mad issues, such as paedophilia, incest, rape, inflation, farting, lactation, breeding kink, baby furs, vote (as kindly reminded by a reader, thank you). This is simply because I don't feel comfortable and some of them personally make me feel uncomfortable. If you are unsure, please ask! I will not judge you, but I may refuse if it is something I am not comfortable with.
💎 Stay gucci, enjoy, feel, get immersed 😊🐾

And finally THANK YOU all for your contributions and continuous support. I never imagined people would like my writing, but now here we are.

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