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@AmethystTiger requested "I had an idea for OC/ pillar men. I'm not sure where this should happen but they come across a figure curled up. Upon closer inspection it turns out to be a young woman, seemingly injured. She smells human... yet not. She has sharp black claws, and a tail and slightly rounded cat ears that are black and white tiger striped. She wears a black leather collar with a Purple Heart tag that reads "KITTEN". She doesn't seem to speak much if at all but various interactions trigger different kitten-like sounds. She has scars and bruises and cringes anytime someone raises their hand or gets near her face. She jumps, arching her back in the air whenever she hears a door, it appears that she was abused and no one knows where she came from. For one reason or another (I'm not sure), they decide to keep the tiger kitten as their new little pet- and plaything... I really like Kars and Whamuu but it could include all of the Pillar Men."

This took weeks but I adored the idea and I really enjoyed watching it, so thank you so much for requesting! I hope you like what I came up with and I apologise for the delay!


-Everyone lives
-Super Pillarmen all round
- Pillarmen are in a modern day setting

Freedom was something else. Settling into modern society was proving to be a problem. Piercings prevented you from getting a job, even when you weren't to be seen by a mere human, rock hard muscles didn't fit in most suits, even tailor made and everyone appeared to be deathly afraid of you. Flats were cramped, Wamuu honestly preferred his stone imprisonment. Humans used strange contraptions like toilets and ovens, which you had to exchange money for to have in a building by law, even if you didn't need them!

Thankfully, the elderly lady across the way was assisting the four in their adjustment. Doing several neighbourly things like offering home-baked goods, posting through used bus tickets for cheap fast food and doing their laundry, in return for being escorted to the front door by Kars or receiving groceries from Wamuu. Admittedly, the most reckless of the Pillarmen failed to understand why he had to be so kind to a mere mortal just because Kars said so. It was as if he didn't realise she was unable hear full sentences, only selective words! He'd been instructed to remain respectful at all time, since she held many answers that even they couldn't fathom.
They had learned that to use the heat box, you had to press a mystical button first, appropriately placed beside it. There was a metal pole in its own room, which spouted water less gracefully than a waterfall but was clean, and the lady was right! It was relaxing! Their favourite was a flat, wide cube. You could summon all sorts of images with only a small, black box, hear small stories or see cute animals; which was Esidisi's favourite because they were so adorable and small. He wanted to squeeze them and tended to sob like a hormonal frat girl.
Out of all human technology that was definitely the best one.

Lately, Wamuu had mentioned feeling lonely to this miracle woman; somewhat accidentally. Out of all the Pillarmen, he was the least willing to adapt to this new life. It made him sick to his stomach, having to live alongside humans. Sure, there were some who were strong and chivalrous, but not many. Despite this discomfort, they were getting on rather well. Housework had been shared as follows: Wamuu was responsible for picking up shopping, as it was his masters wish, Esidisi kept the flat clean and Santana enjoyed taking care of the blooming window box flowers, since Kars dealt with what mortals called 'bills' and 'finances' as the main point of contact between neighbours, police, lawyers and delivery boys.

After expressing this gnawing emptiness, the kind lady had encouraged him to get a pet.
Admittedly, his idea of a pet was a human he could make do things for him. Boring things, like fetching food or washing his feet. Food-wise, vampires weren't really around anymore and Kars had forbidden him from feasting upon the population, insisting they had to act like them despite being a superior being. He was instead limited to the meat of other creatures and the famously cheap beans on toast, which was hardly satiating compared to other lifeforces. As for washing his feet, that was simply just boring!
Wamuu honestly liked this idea. She had laughed at his understanding of a pet, explaining such animals were limited to a cat, dog, bird or hamster. Of course, some housed snakes, rats and other strange animals such as fish, but the flat complex were awfully strict about what sorts of animals could be kept.

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