Vento Aureo : Pokereff

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You know I had to do it to 'em.
No keyboard still, apparently only the table is insured so work is still gonna be slow until I can save up £150 for a new one 😭
To make things worse I've been poorly, being tested for celiacs disease as I may have that and ibs so, R. I. P. Me

In the meantime I've been obsessed with pokemon & my best friend watched detective pikachu with me today, so I wrote a small something to try and get back into the spirit of writing. As usual thank you all so much for your patience and support and I'm sorry I'm not getting stories out any quicker! ❤️🙏

"Giorno," you murmured as you threw your arms around the newly mafia elected boss one last time. The hug was lingering, his hands lying flat against your back as yours clutched the rear of his jacket. You had promised to take care of something important. Beside you was a large box with a turtle nestled inside, sleeping soundly during your final goodbyes.
"Take care," the quiet teen bode gently, smiling as he did so. Returning a nod of the head, you agreed. "Make sure he goes to a good trainer. He deserves that much."
"Of course. You'll be able to hold up on your own, won't you?"
Smiling, though only slightly, you were assured he could. Despite setting out to discover new pokemon on the sunny streets of Italy, you wound up taking in a different kind of creature. This turtle, Polnareff, was apparently a human soul, trapped after a mystical power had gone terribly awry. Don Giovanna explained that a man had lost his life, despite pouring countless years of it into researching a mysterious phenomenon called "stands". Now you were taking this turtle back home, to give him a new life amongst pocket monsters and a chance to continue contributing to the greater good.

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