"Camryn, just close the door," I say before Walt can speak. Cam looks at me, scared, and then begins to close the door, but Walt puts his hand out, scaring her even more.

"Well that's rude isn't it young lady?" he says. Cam says nothing. "I'd like to speak to your mother, and don't lie, I see her car out front," he says.

"I wasn't going to lie, I was just going to say no," Cam says back, quite boldly might I add. She's standing a little taller now, she was just caught off guard at first.

"Camryn, who's at the door this late?" God dammit Julie! Now you decide you want to come out of your room, of all days. "Walt, what a surprise," she says when she reaches the front door.

Camryn nods her head back, telling me to come closer, but I'm frozen.

"Julie, so nice to see you," Walt says.

"Is there some sort of problem? It's quite late for visitors," she says.

"Yes, it is quite late for visitors, and that is sort of the problem. My son has been spending a tremendous amount of time at your house and its reflecting badly on his grades and behavior at home," he says. "I don't know what he does while he's here, but I don't want him visiting your daughter anymore, and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't let him either."

My jaw drops and so does Camryn's and Julie's.

"I'm sorry Walt, I had no idea you felt this way, but don't you think it's up to the kids if they want to see each other?" She asks. It surprises me to hear someone talk to my father like that, but I forget that she doesn't know what he's really like.

"Colton is 17, therefore I can make all his decisions and I decide that he can't see her anymore," he says, eyeing Cam up and down. Cam shifts uncomfortably. She's wearing pajama shorts and a white tank top. I'm suddenly pissed that my dad even looked at her. "I know how my son is, and I suggest you do what you can to keep your daughter away from him too, you don't want her to end up pregnant do you?"

Julie gasps and has a horrified look on her face. "I think it's time for you to leave," she snaps.

"I agree," Walt says, turning to me, "come along son."

"No!" Cam says quickly, reaching for my arm.

"Stop it Camryn, get inside!" Julie says, pulling her back into the house. Camryn looks to me, her eyes glossy, as her mom shuts the front door.

I have no choice but to follow my father. I slowly approach my house and enter the door. My dad is standing a few feet away from the entrance, his hands on his hips.

"Women," he laughs, "they just don't know how to listen to a man these days. That Julie can sure use a good smack, so can little Cam..."

"Shut your mouth!" I scream, "Don't you dare finish that fucking sentence!" He can hit me all he wants, but it'd be a cold day in hell for me to let him threaten Camryn.

"Hey I'm just saying, if you ever want her to listen to you, you might have to teach her a lesson or two," he grins.

"I would never hurt her! I'm not like you and I never will be!" I shout. I'm fuming. Just talking about laying a finger on Camryn makes my blood boil. Never in a million years would I hurt her, or let anyone else for that matter. Fuck that.

"That's funny, I use to say the same thing," he says, in a much quieter tone. "Go to your room," he sighs and makes his way to the couch.

What, no abuse tonight? great. I walk upstairs to my room, expecting him to follow, but he stays on the couch. Something shifted when I said I'm not like him. He face fell, he looked human for once instead of a monster. I never asked myself this before but I wonder what happened to my dad to make him like this.

Was his childhood fucked up like mine because of his own father that I never met? If so, it takes one person to break the cycle of abuse and it will be me.

I'm about to lay down when I realize how badly Cam must be freaking out right now. I have to let her know that I'm fine.

I pull back my curtain and there she is, sitting just outside of her window. She looks relieved to see me, but she still looks sad.

"Are you okay?" she asks as I step outside.

"I'm fine, he didn't hurt me or anything, what about you and your mom?" I ask.

"She's pissed of course," she shrugs. "She's shocked that he'd say something like that, she feels disrespected."

"I guess she doesn't like me anymore," I say, expecting Cam to defend me, but she stays quiet. "Oh my god she doesn't like me does she?"

"It's not that," she says quickly. She takes a step forward but we're still on separate roofs. "It's just, he made you seem like some sort of man whore and she doesn't like that, she told me to stay away from you too," she sighs.

"She did?" I ask quietly, my jaw on the floor. She just nods. "What are we going to do?"

"What do you mean?" she asks surprised. "We're going to still see each other Colton, we're not going to listen to them, that's what we're going to do," she says. I think I offended her.

She's right, we can't just stop seeing each other, but what would happen if we get caught?

I know nothing would happen to Cam, but I have to be selfish and think of myself for this one. My dad would beat the living shit out of me. I don't know what to do.

"What are you thinking Colton?" she asks quietly.

"I don't know, I think I need to give my dad some time to cool off before I start sneaking around," I shrug and her face falls.


"Just for this weekend," I assure her, "I'll stay home and show him that I can listen, and then he'll back off. I just need time to make enough money so I can get emancipated and move out."

She relaxes a little, but I know she doesn't like the idea. She went from looking sad to looking mad. "Whatever Colton, call me when you've had enough time," she says. She climbs back into her room and shuts the window.

No matter what I do, it's like I can't win.


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