Social Injustice

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Mxeno sat on the edge of the building the Magistrates held up at, he didn't know much about it, other than it was something old before any wars, he liked it up there, the night sky and cold breeze comforted him. When he came here he set up a mental schedule, every time at night he would come up here and chill, just think about the shit in his life he missed or he dreaded seeing again.

Since he is basically only a kid still he knew he had to stay in sight, so he climbed down and decided to just go to the dining hall, his stomach grumbled a bit. As he made his way down the stairs he noticed a campfire lit outside, next to some couches and he saw other people, kids like himself, only they looked slightly younger than him, he decided to go check it out.

As he made his way over he saw four of them, they didn't notice him and were playing with cards, laughing, and simply having a good time. He observed them and took note, he also noticed one of the things they did after it was do almost a dare, they would place down a card then one would dare another. "War." Mxeno thought in his head, he remembered this game, he played it a few times but it was definitely played differently. Mxeno decided to walk over there and the kids noticed him almost immediately, "Hey what's your name?" One of them asked, "Its Mxeno." Mxeno said and one of them looked at him as he leaned back. "Well sit awhile, my name is Kyle." Kyle said.

He had brownish hair and it was combed up, he had a black leather jacket with biker gloves and had a grey undershirt, he wore combat boots with jeans on. Mxeno shook his hand and then sat on the arm chair across from him. "Ever played card games before?" Kyle asked. "Yeah, its been ages ago though." Mxeno responded and Kyle grabbed a stack of cards. "Well you wanna play one by chance?" Kyle asked. "Sure." Mxeno responded and the three other kids readjusted themselves in there seats.

"Introduce yourselves." Kyle said to the rest of his friends. "Name's June." The girl said, she had a purple highlight and wore a green army jacket with a UAF patch on the side, she wore a black striped t-shirt underneath it and had biker gloves as well, she wore similar jeans and wore red sneakers. Mxeno shook hands.

"Name is Duane." One of boys said, he was african american and had big eyes. He wore a brown jacket with a plaid shirt underneath along with jeans and brown work boots. Mxeno shook hands.

"Its Bill." The other boy said, he had some facial hair growing and his jacket was rugged, he had some ripped jeans on and he had work boots on as well. Mxeno shook his hand as well.

"Now that we got that out of the way, who is ready for some war?" Kyle asked and the group all cheered lowly. Kyle dealt the cards and once he was done he got his hand neat. "You know the rules Mx?" Kyle asked and Mxeno nodded. "What we do is if you get the highest card, you get to ask the person with the lowest card a question, can be personal or an icebreaker question." Kyle explained and Mxeno nodded. "Ok."

The five drawn and Mxeno drawed an 8, thankfully Duane got a 7, June got a queen. "So Duane, what was your favorite band?" June asked and Kyle chuckled. "Nickelback." Duane sighed and Kyle laughed a bit, June had a smile, Mxeno shrugged. "What's the problem with that? We can have our own opinions." Mxeno said and June looked at him. "Haven't heard about Nickelback, y'know most hated band." June said and Mxeno nodded, "oh ok nevermind."

The group drawn and Bill got the highest with an ace, Mxeno only got a four. "Why are you at the Magistrates? Your new here." Bill turned to Mxeno. "My father wanted to put me somewhere safe, he trusted this place." Mxeno answered, Kyle nodded. "So your a mercenary?" Kyle asked. "Was, I guess i'm a Magistrate now." Mxeno answered.

The group drawn and Kyle got the highest card in a King, Mxeno got the lowest again. "How many have you killed?" Kyle asked and Mxeno froze up, he tried to think of a good answer but he couldn't remember. "I can't remember." Mxeno said. "What an icebreaker this is turning out." June said, everyone chuckled.

They did another round and Duane got the highest, Bill got the lowest. "When are you gonna shave?" Duane asked and everyone laughed. "When I can get my hands on something to shave with." Bill said. "We have the shit to do it." A voice said, everyone turned to the source and Mxeno saw a girl standing there, she had red hair and a black jacket with the sleeves rolled up, she had a darker set of jeans on with black boots on, she motioned for Mxeno to move and he sat on the loveseat next to June. "Hailey, this is Mxeno, Mxeno this is Hailey." Kyle said, introducing the red head. Mxeno offered his hand and she looked at it in a disgusted manner. "She aint used to newcomers." Kyle said.

Mxeno ignored it and got ready to draw. The five drawed and June got the highest, Mxeno got the lowest. "Ever had a girlfriend?" June asked, she looked at him. "I wouldnt call it a girlfriend but it there was a girl I had." Mxeno said. "So basically you've had a friend with benefits?" Duane asked, Mxeno shook his head. "It was more of a complicated thing." Mxeno said.

The group drawn and Mxeno finally won one round, and Kyle got the lowest. "So your the leader of your friends?" Mxeno asked. "Not really the leader but im more of the guy that everyone looks to here." Kyle said and everyone agreed. "Honestly he helped us get here, we was a group before we came here." Duane explained.

The group did another round and Mxeno got the highest card, June got the lowest. "What's the UAF badge on your jacket for?" Mxeno asked, June looked at it then him. "I found it while we was out there, I was the only one without a jacket and it was winter time, took what I can." June said. "Alright, I think I got all the card games out of me." Duane said as he stood up.

"Me too, im calling it a night." Kyle said and the group stood up. "Hey Mxeno you have a room to sleep in?" Kyle asked. "If you consider a cell it then yeah." Mxeno said and they chuckled. "Well we got an extra spot on our bunks, come with us." Kyle said and Mxeno nodded. They went through the building and went to a room, it had three bunk beds and they all got into them and Mxeno got on the top bunk with Hailey on the bottom.

As they laid down Mxeno closed his eyes. "Hey guys you all may wanna open up a window." Duane said and then he let out gas. They all chuckled a bit, "Jesus Duane switch me bunks!" Kyle said as he covered his nose. Duane laughed, Mxeno smiled and he soon drifted to sleep.

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