Lost Nightmare

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This takes place two months after the last chapters setting, just a heads up

Both sides prepare for what maybe their end, both are mass producing, and they show no sign of stopping. "A cruel fate, one Lord could not see." A masked man spoke from the shadows of the old Kurtz outpost.

He observed the war from afar, spying on both sides, and hoping that one would show any sign of breaking so he can strike. Something caught the eye of him as he observed. A lone soldier wanders on the cliff viewing over the foggy ocean and its debris littering the ocean level.

"I can't do this, I can't do this." The soldier said, he had a black cloak along with green glowing eyes. The masked man stood behind a tree, observing his prey as it seemed to be weak. "Fuck all else." The soldier said, and just when it seemed he found his way he saw another soldier walk to him, it was Boh. "Greed consumes the soul, God cannot control what gives and what he keeps." The masked man whispered to himself.

"Yosai? Man come on it ain't safe out here." Boh said as he reached the same clearing. "You have no clue what I deal with." Yosai said as he turned around, his knife in hand.

"Calm down, no need for weapons." Boh said, trying to calm the mental Yosai. "You calm down!" Yosai said, slowing starting to tense up, with a killer intention in his eyes, and Boh realized the stress gotten to him.

"Snap out of it Yosai, we can to Min's testing simulator and you can help yourself, don't let it be like this." Boh said as he raised his arm. Yosai simply ignored it and stepped closer, and Boh pulled his knife out. "Yosai, calm down, last warning." Boh said as Yosai stopped right in front of him.

The masked man simply smiled under his mask, and hid. Yosai let out a war cry as he swung at Boh, trying to slit his throat, but it was his fatal mistake.

Boh quickly disarmed him and knocked him to his feet, Yosai falling on the blade, straight through his back. "Im sorry Yosai, but this is how it is." Boh said, as he cut Yosai's neck, letting him bleed out into the grass, and hearing no cries for help.

The masked man saw Boh disappear into the forest, and he stepped out of his cover, and walked over to the bleeding man, and pulled him up, stabbing the back of his head. "This will be the next step, and closer to the meaning."

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