Monster & Angel

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Serj and Dark were in a building now, hiding from an assassin, he covered most parts of the abandoned city. Serj watched the windows to make sure the assassin didn't come close to the building they were in.

Dark held back into the corridor where an exit was just incase. Serj then signaled her and went up the stairs, quietly. Dark snuck over to Serj as she saw the assassin go into another building. The building they were in was next to another part of the multi-level city.

All they had to do was jump from one side to the other and they got away. "Do you think you can make the jump Serj?" Dark asked as she got on the window seal.

Serj just nodded and waited for her to jump, when she did he got on the window seal. Dark made the jump but Serj still had to. When he jumped his foot got caught and he still landed on the street, but scraped his knee.

"I got you!" Dark whispered as she helped Serj to his feet and grabbed his hand and ran with him to another building.

As they went in the assassin ran up the ramp and observed the area, like a terminator. "Are you ok?" Dark whispered to Serj as he pulled up his pants leg to look at it.

"Yea, just a scrap you get from riding your bike." Serj whispered. Dark calmed herself and kept watching the assassin to make sure he didn't come close.

"We have to move." Dark whispered as she saw him coming closer. "You go, i'll hold him off." Serj said as he grabbed a wooden staff.

"Wait you cant, he'll kill you!" Dark whispered as Serj went by the door. "If that's what it takes then so be it, go out the back door..." Serj started but Dark grabbed his arm and tried to drag him.

"Its my end." Serj said as the door opened. Dark ran, and out the back door, she knew where the base was.

"Nham hurry up!" Victor said as he saw he was falling behind. "Old man keep going, i can catch up." Nham said catching his breath, leaning against a tree.

"We are already a day late, I don't want to let another minute slip!" Victor argued with the young man. "Goddamnit fine." Nham said picking himself up against the tree and following the old man.

"It hurts!" a voice cried out back from base as Victor and Nham got close. "That doesn't sound like one of ours..." Nham said, and Victor tilted his head. "That's one of the KLG's soldiers." Victor said looking at Nham.

Both of them thought the worst so they instantly ran. When they hit the clearing they saw some vans in the base. "Yea they came to help out." Victor said as he rounded the walls.

They both went in through the front to see Hardscope grabbing his gun. "Hey what's happening?" Victor asked. "Apparently some shit fell on one of them." Hardscope said as he rushed away.

Victor followed to see a soldier under some rubble, and a steel pipe from the top of it going into the bottom half of the rubble. The ones helping also tried lifting it but the pipe kept digging in.

"His time has come." Victor said as he stepped out from behind the crowd. One of the higher ranked looked at him, he had a full black suit on with his helmet, Salvatore also looked over. "That pipe is digging into his leg and he is losing way too much blood." Victor said walking over to see the soldier covered in it.

"What do I do then?" Operator said as he stood up. Victor looked at him like he was crazy, "What would you do to him normally?" Victor said as he heard the soldier call mercy.

"Treat him." Operator said, but he was wrong, he had to end his suffering. Operator grabbed his handgun and gave Victor one last look, then shot Philip to end his misery.

Authors Note: For the life of me I could not copy & paste like I always did and it fucking sucked, and I also got a quick question to the 39 readers I think I have, do you want the rest of this story or a possible one-shot fuckload of things? TBH I have been reading those and they have taken my curiosity to try it out, would you like to see that or the continuation of this?

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