The Journey Ahead

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Nathans opened the cell and cuffed Wayne. “What’s going on?” Wayne said as he was shoved
out of his cell.
“You’re going somewhere else.” Nathans said as Operator pushed Wayne forward. “If your
going to execute me just say so.” Wayne said.
“No we won't.” Nathans said as he walked away, Wayne was loaded in the back of an armored
van. “Let's get going.” Kunoichi said as she closed the back of the doors and hopped into the

1 hour later...
  An hour passed as none of the two spoke a single word to each other. “We haven't been on a
mission together before.” Operator said trying to start a conversation. Kunoichi didn't reply.
“We haven't really talked either, its odd they put us to a mission.” Operator added. Kunoichi still
didn't respond.
“If your going to ignore me just say it so I can shut up.” Operator said. Kunoichi didn’t respond,
she didn't wanna talk, she wanted to get this shit over with. Operator sighed as he kept driving.
All the sudden the engine started to stutter. Operator looked and saw the fuel indicator was
blinking. “Maybe you should have focused on driving.” Kunoichi said.
Operator just slowed down, as he did so shots were fired at the van. The van’s tires popped as
it curved to the side. Operator jumped out and fired back were the gunshots were coming from.
The attacker took cover as Operator fired. That gave Kunoichi gave time to get out and take
cover. “Surrender now!” A voice came out from behind the attacker.
Operator rolled out of cover and looked up, the attacker was surrendering and from the looks of
the armor, it was a people guard's soldier. Sentry popped around the corner with his sniper
trained on the attackers head.
“No shit.” Operator said laughing. Sentry smiled as he saw Operator. Kunoichi walked over with
a throwing knife ready. As Operator and Sentry shook hands Kunoichi kicked the attacker down.
“What's your name!” Kunoichi shouted at him. Operator was about to stop her but Sentry
stopped him. “R-Ron-in” He said hoarsely.
“Come on Kunoichi, he already is down.” Operator said. “He busted the van, and the prisoner is
dead.” Kunoichi said.
Operator gasped as she delivered the news. “How?” Sentry asked. “The sliding window was
dented and a bullet penetrated it into his forehead.”
“Ah fuck, we failed.” Operator said as he put his hands behind his head. “Radio it in, I’ll tie up
Ronin.” Kunoichi said as she went to the van.
Sentry watched Ronin to make sure he didn't try anything. “HQ, this is Operator over.”

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