Lost in the Mind

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“Oracle, please fight for me.” A voice said in her head.
“Start setting it up.” The machine operator says to Jackson. “Got it.” As Operator flips a switch
and pulls a lever.
Operator picked up the half naked Oracle for the brainwashing. “Are you sure that she has to be
in this?” Operator asks as he laid her down in the machine. “It won't work if the subject has
clothing on, this is light enough to where it’ll work and Kurtz won't kill me.” The machine operator
“Are you sure your not being a pervert?” Operator said. “Just ignore that fact.” The machine
operator said.
“Come on, dont let them get to you.”. The voice in her said again.
Operator chuckled as he types commands into the console. “Now we wait for them right?”
Operator asked.
“Yes, if they aren't in here in a minute then we have to continue, this machine is new but not
stable.” The machine operator said.
“Ok.” Operator said as he waited.
No one ended coming in so the show had to go on. Operator stood up and walked over to the
console. “We have to do it.” Operator said as he pressed start.
“Ok, just watch incase she exhibits abnormal actions.” Machine Operator said as everyone
heard the humming.
  Serj came in to see they already started. “Hey we were a bit late!” Serj said as he closed the
door. “Yea the chloroform aint gonna last forever.” Operator said.
“Whatever, is it going though?” Serj asked walking over.
“Its time babe.” The voice in her head said again.
All the sudden all hell broke loose. As Operator looked in he saw that she was starting to twitch.
“Hey Doc the girl is twitching.” Operator said as he looked up.
He just nodded and said, “it's normal.” Operator just shook his head and looked into it as he saw
her eyes were open and she let out a blood curdling scream.
“SHIT! She woke up!” Operator shouted as the machine operator looks over. “There's nothing
we can do, just hope for the best.” He says as he walks over.
It pained Operator to watch since she tried to move but couldn't. She still screamed and it was
heard from rooms down.
Then it stopped as the machine cooled and Oracle passed out once again. As it stopped Beck
rushed in. “What the fuck is going on!?!” Beck exclaimed as she burst through.
“Nothing bad, everything worked out perfectly.” Operator lied. He knew if she woke up it may
have messed up the process.
Operator let the case opened and Oracle fell out. Serj was there to catch her which he did.
“Lower her down, the aftershocks can get you too.” Operator said, Serj obeyed.
“I'm not gonna ask why she is half naked.” Beck said. “It's just the doc being a pervert” Operator
responded, the machine operator just gave him a light smack.
“Serj, here.” Operator said tossing him a tiny flashlight. “What is this for?” Serj asked. “Did they
not teach you this shit? Here give it back.” Operator said as he took the flashlight and checked
for a heartbeat and pulse.
“She is alive, but the shock probably knocked her out for a little bit.” Operator said as he stood
up. “Serj just put her in the cell, i gotta report this to the mechanics.” Operator said as he exited
the room.
Beck had a grin on her face as Serj picked Oracle up. “Have fun Rookie.” Beck teased.

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