Yosai's Misson

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Yosai woke up an hour later, he was still sore. He heard the rain hitting the floor feet away from
him. It was the one thing to wake him up.
He heard footsteps approaching and he knew it was his end. “Over here!” A woman's voice
called out. It was Cinder.
Yanlong was with her looking at the carnage with her. “I think he’s still breathing.” Yanlong said
walking over.
Yosai tried holding his hand up but Cinder put it down. “Don't push yourself, we got you now.”
Cinder said as she looked at his injury.
“You have bruised ribs, maybe a bit more serious, we need to get you to a base.” Cinder said,
then looked at Yanlong.
“Just, help me.” Yosai said looking at Cinder. “Wait your eyes are green as well.” Cinder said,
now noticing the odd eye color.
“Operator looked at it, kinda the same symptom as Caine.” Yosai said. “Ok, we're gonna try to
get you to the Patriots hideout, hopefully there still on our side.” Cinder said lifting Yosai up, he
couldn't stand on his own.
“We need to come back after this.” Yanlong said as he picked Yosai up, bridal style. “Kurtz said
we look for survivors.” Cinder said.
“We found one, hell we don't even know who he is!” Yanlong said. “Yanlong, quit. We are gonna
help this man out.” Cinder demanded.
Yanlong just rolled his eyes and muttered, “Women.” Cinder just started walking towards a way
out of the train station.
As the trio made it to the entrance, the rain stopped for now. “The hideout is a few miles, we
need to find our transport.” Cinder said walking out.
“We can use that car, I doubt The Watch let it off the hook.” Yanlong said looking at the trashed
“God damnit!” Cinder said slamming her fist into the concrete wall. “Try to hotwire it, if not then
we go on foot.” Yanlong said.
  Yosai was losing his color at a slow rate, so Yanlong didn't take it too serious. “I'll try.” Cinder
said, she then she broke the car window and unlocked the car door.
Cinder then got in and started to hotwire the car. Yanlong looked down at Yosai who was
passed out once again. “Your gonna be lucky to survive this.” Yanlong said.
The car roared to life before Yanlong sat down. “Damn, that was quick!” Yanlong said walking
over. “Yea, it's not hard on a car like this.” Cinder said tapping the dashboard as Yanlong put
Yosai in the back of the car.
Yanlong then sat in the front and made sure the doors were closed. “Ready?” Yanlong asked.
“Yeah.” Cinder said as she put the car into drive.
“Lets hope this can make it there.” Cinder said as she started to drive.
As Cinder pulled up into the hideout, it was a countryside house. It was still beautiful after the
war even, and it was far enough so it was perfect. “Let me talk to them then bring Yosai over.”
Cinder said opening the car door.
Yanlong nodded, and Cinder closed the car door and walked up to the front door. Before she
could knock Phalanx opened the door.
“I'm sorry I failed you all.” Phalanx said looking down. “No, no, it's not that. We’re not upset don't
worry.” Cinder said putting a hand on her shoulder.
“Oh thank god.” Phalanx said releasing air. “Just, we need your help again.” Cinder said
signalling Yanlong.
“Everything ok?” Phalanx said. “The Watch launched an attack at the train station miles out, we
found only one survivor and he’s in critical condition.” Cinder said, Yanlong bring Yosai.
“We had a Mercenary attack us recently, he injured Surge and Flatline.” Phalanx said, in a
defensive tone in a way.
“Don't worry, some of our own was about to bring a ‘peace offering’ since they didn't know if you
would attack on sight, but it’ll be a few days. Just please let Yosai recover here for now.” Cinder
Phalanx took a second then signaled Fortress to come over. “We might be able to, can you try
to make it come quicker?” Fortress requested.
  “We will try.” Cinder said. “Thank you.” Fortress said hugging Cinder, the Patriots were at a low,
they needed supplies and they were thin around here.
After they got everything situated, they talked about plans and the Irregulars left. They promised

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